Bent-Con is a 3 day convention in Burbank, CA committed to recognizing diversity and inclusivity in pop-culture and geekdom. This year they are celebrating their 5th year and, to help make it an extra-special event, they are running a Kickstarter. The funds from that are raised will be used to bring more attention to the event and, hopefully, pay for some of the extras they have planned.

They only have a few days left to reach their goal and they need your support!
Bent-Con celebrates and recognizes LGBTQ (and Allies) contributions to pop-culture and geekdom that is often overlooked. It is committed to creating a space where everyone is safe to share and express their particular brand of creativity and fandom.

We will all always need safe environments to express ourselves. Help Bent-Con to continue to provide one of those great, fun places!


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