The original vampires, is it just me or is each one sexier than the last? Sure, some of… well all of them have anger management issues, but they are still seriously gorgeous.



The Originals flashbacks, yes please! Our story begins with a brief flashback to Spain and in one of the first times Klaus decides to dagger his brother, Kol (hello Nathan Buzolic). Only this time Elijah bore witness and helped in the daggering. Of course, since Elijah has taken a still human Marcel under his wing, Klaus decides to un-dagger Kol so he could have a new BFF to spend time with. While awake, Kol takes it upon himself to spend some time with Marcel and introduce him to the works of Shakespeare in the bloodiest of ways. Not the right choice Kol. That move might get you once again daggered.


Back in the present day, Hayley has gone on a hybrid blood binge and justifies it because it is “no worse than anything Klaus has done.” Meanwhile, Marcel is determining which humans will make the best vampires, a decision which Elijah walks in on. However, he is willing to allow it to continue if Marcel helps him find the white oak stake, aka the only weapon that can kill an original. Let the feels begin as Marcel and Davina meet up again so the little witch can do a locator spell to find the white oak stake. Elijah figures out that Marcel’s witchy best friend has been in possession of the stake the entire time. This is, shockingly, not the only problem in New Orleans. Esther is making an army of her own using the wolves and their desire for a moonlight ring.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Klaus visit the Bayou so the “Queen” of the wolves can talk to the pack about becoming their leader. When niceties don’t work, Klaus uses force, which of course doesn’t work either. Hayley steps up and leads the pack to keep them away from the witches. Although not with them, Oliver made a deal with Hayley to spy on Cassie and report back all he learns.


In the graveyard Klaus goes to pay the witches a visit and finds himself in the middle of a wolf pack and face-to-face with his mother dressed as a teenage witch. Klaus, ever the smart one, figured it out.

In the meantime, Davina finds herself on a date with Kaleb (Kol) and being attacked by a bunch of wolves she calls upon Mikael, who takes out the wolves like they’re nothing more than flies on a wall (HOT)! During the struggle, the binding link between the witch and the original Papa comes off and Mikael is freed. But before he can kill Davina, Elijah stops him and Davina regains possession of Mikael.


Now our favorite original brothers have to face down their greatest threats, their parents. With Mikael back from the dead and the stake in hand, their lives are quite literally hanging in the balance.

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