I’m not sure I would consider where our characters are living as paradise, but, hey, who am I to judge?




With Elena compelled to forget she ever loved Damon, she is now back to enjoying the college lifestyle and trying to convince Caroline to jump back into the fold, as well. Her plan? Party at the swimming hole, something we haven’t seen our favorite vampires and one human do in a long time. With a little pushing, Caroline finally agrees, as she rushes off to join Enzo for breakfast. Yes, I just said that. Seems the two of them have become breakfast buddies, who would have ever thought?

damon-603Meanwhile in Damon’s Hell, he and Bonnie are desperately trying to figure out whether or not Grams put them there in order to help them get back to their friends or if they are in fact in a form of Hell. With things out of place and carousels going off on their own, Bonnie is convinced that they are not alone and that gives her hope that she can find a way to get them out. Damon however, is not getting his hopes up that he’ll see Elena again, just to be disappointed.

Back on the boarder of Mystic Falls, Stefan has returned to seek revenge on Enzo for killing his girlfriend, Ivy. He finds Damon’s BFF in the woods and even though Enzo saves Stefan’s life from a would-be vampire slayer, the Salvatore brother is seeing red and is determined to put Enzo down, once and for all. Elena and Caroline intervene, before Matt and Tyler are put in charge of disposing of the dead hunter’s body. Caroline puts her heart on the line and tries to talk to Stefan with no success, and Elena finally realizes her best friend has fallen in love with her ex-boyfriend.

caroline-and-jeremy-welcome-to-paradiseIn Hell, Damon runs into their mystery companion, a boy named Kai, who threatens Damon’s life, which seems redundant considering Damon is already dead, none-the-less with her frenemy’s life in danger Bonnie steps it up and finds a way to use magic. This, as it turns out, was Kai’s plan all along to get the witch to hone her powers and see that she still had magic inside her. Why? She’s the key to getting them out, of course! Looks like the Scooby Gang on the other side have a plan after all.

Back in the worxymu7rh-vampire-diaries-s6e3-preview-welcome-to-paradiseld of the living, so to speak, Elena and Jeremy figure out that Sarah, the girl Elena attacked and now Jeremy is hooking up with, knows exactly what Elena is and has known the entire time. Turns out compulsion, once the person re-enters Mystic Falls, is gone and their memories come back.

But, they aren’t the only ones with problems. Enzo has run into Tripp, a member of one of the founding families, at a diner and finds out that Tripp is a vampire hunter and that he has found an ally in an unusual source…Stefan.

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