Oh, Elijah, you are far too dapper for your own good. Oh, sorry, I got lost in thoughts of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) for a second there, I’m back now. Let’s discuss last night’s episode of The Originals, shall we?




Okay, seriously, talk about your awkward family dinner. Last night, Cassie, also known as, Esther – Momma Mikaelson, sent a dinner invitation to Klaus and Elijah in the hopes of having a family reunion. Ever the skeptic of his family’s intentions, Klaus devises a plan with Hayley to ensure that, this time, his mother would be gone for good. To so do they will need a few things, including one of the only witches left who is not an enemy to the vampires. For this Elijah and Marcel’s newest vampire, Gia, got to the outskirts of New Orleans to find the witch Lenore. She tells them of a spell that will let them know when their mother jumps bodies and where she goes.


However, in order to carry out this spell, Klaus must ask his vampire son, Marcel, for a necklace his mother gave him many, many, many moons ago. A leather strap necklace with a silver bird pendant, to be exact. Cue the flashbacks – Esther spelled the necklace and told her bastard son that it was for his protection, so she could always find him if he were in trouble. However, it comes to light that the necklace was in fact not for Klaus’ protection but to weaken him so he didn’t lash out, kill someone and trigger the werewolf curse.

Meanwhile, back in present day New Orleans Oliver goes to meet with Cassie, as per his agreement with Hayley, but finds himself face-to-face with Vincent – aka Finn. After a few condescending words Vincent shows Oliver that he is not messing around and that he has all the power. In order to maintain the facade that he is on their side, Oliver accompanies Vincent and Cassie to the cemetery where they have Lenore tied and beaten. It is now Oliver’s job to get answers from the witch. The problem? They’re both working with the original brothers and Hayley.


It’s dinner time! Cassie and Vincent join their family for dinner and things, as usual, get heated and once again Klaus is left emotionally broken. Finn lashes out at his brothers for being weak and afraid. Clearly he is still a Momma’s boy! As Klaus calls his mother out for betraying her children, Cassie passes out and dinner, not that anyone ate anything, ends abruptly.


So where did Esther go? Into Lenore of course. As the Mikaelson boys rush to rescue Hayley from Lenore/Esther, their mother offers them a new start, as she does Hayley, a new life, one without the burden of immortality. She wants her family together again but she wants them with a clean slate – meaning not as vampires. Well, there’s something we weren’t expecting!

The Originals airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW. Watch full episodes on CWTV.com, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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