The questions all Grimm fans have been wondering during the hiatus are “Will Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) get his Grimm abilities back?” “Is Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) going to survive his injuries?” Hopefully, the premiere will answers some of these questions!


GrimmThe premiere begins with Renard being rushed into the ER, after being shot in the season finale by one of the Verrat. Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) tells Nick and the others what happened prior to Renard being shot, and how she killed the Verrat member in self-defense.

The murder mystery of the episode starts with a man, who says his name is Lawrence Anderson, entering Henry Sloakum’s house after telling Henry that his friend Danny had been in an accident. Shortly after entering the house, Anderson woges and attacks Henry with a strange octupus-like head. At first it’s unclear what exactly Anderson is doing to Henry, but then we start seeing flashes of Henry’s memories. After stealing Henry’s memories, Anderson gets ready to leave him there, but then a woman meets him at the door. Since she has seen him, he then kills her to prevent her from talking.

Anderson calls a mystery man and tells him he ran into a problem on his mission and they need to abort. The man tells him to continue with the mission. Back at Nick’s house, Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) gets a hold of Nick’s Grimm book and starts to ask Nick a few questions about it. Nick tells him it’s nothing but a book of stories handed down by his family. When Trubel is about to be questioned, the FBI shows up on the scene. She’s ready to run when Nick tells her the guy she killed used to be a federal agent.

One of Prince Viktor’s men tells him about Renard being shot by Weston Grimm(who Trubel then killed). Viktor says he’s going to have to tell the King about Renard, but the King cannot find out that it was one of their men behind it. Viktor says they need tie Weston to Nick, instead of being linked back to Viktor and crew.

The FBI agents tell Trubel to walk them through what happened; Wu is being kind of creepy and listening in the story. He most likely isn’t buying Nick’s story about the “family stories”he read in Nick’s Grimm book. The lead FBI agent picks up Nick’s Grimm book and starts looking through it. I’m kind of confused why Nick has just left this book lying around and isn’t bothering to hide it? As the FBI agent looks through the book, she woges; so it looks like Weston wasn’t the only Wesen in the FBI.

GrimmMonroe and Rosalee skip their honeymoon to help Nick and Juliette with everything going on. Those two are just too cute in their wedding clothes showing up to help, as usual; could Nick have better friends? Rosalee says they need to find out what was in the bottle that Renard was trying to give Nick. Trubel apologizes again for ruining the wedding, to which Juliette responds that this is all Adalind’s fault. Monroe and Rosalee then find out about Adalind and Nick sleeping together. Nick says it’s not what they think; Rosalee responds with some sassiness. Did I mention how much I love sassy Rosalee? Upon hearing how Adalind tricked Nick, Rosalee thinks she knows what Adalind did and she and Monroe head off to the spice shop to try to fix things.

GrimmMeanwhile, weird octopus-head-guy Anderson is using Henry’s memories to get to his access codes and log-in to his work data. At the hospital, Wu tells Hank (Russell Hornsby) that he doesn’t think Nick’s book is just stories; the pictures look like what he thought he saw before. Hank tries to talk him down, but Wu seems pretty upset and hung up on this. The doctor tells Hank and Wu that things are looking bleak for Renard with the extreme blood loss, but given that Renard is a pretty powerful Wesen, I think he’ll be just fine.

Nick can’t sleep, so he goes downstairs to start cleaning all the blood left in the house from the day’s events. Juliette follows and they have a bit of a heart to heart. It seems like Nick is wondering whether it’s best for him not to become a Grimm again and says this might be the best thing for him and Juliette.

The FBI finds Weston’s suitcase and in it a bunch of passports and money from different areas. Portland PD finally gets called to the scene at Henry’s house and they head to the hospital to try to ask Henry some questions. The doctor says he doesn’t remember anything because of four wounds to the back of his head which damaged areas of his brain. Nick and Hank head to the trailer to try to find some answers about what may have caused the injuries. Trubel is already there; brushing up on her Wesen knowledge, now that Nick is no longer a Grimm she feels like she needs to be better prepared.

GrimmAnderson’s boss arrives in Portland and it turns out they are stealing the information from Henry for a client; the information they want is for a project Henry has been working on. Anderson gets stopped by police shortly after, when he is getting into the stolen vehicle he took from Henry. Nick and Hank go to the station to interrogate Anderson. They aren’t getting very far with him, and since Nick doesn’t have his Grimm powers, they decide to bring in Trubel. Trubel bumps into him and pretends to be a mugger to get a reaction, and sure enough, Anderson woges. Back at the hospital, Renard is flat-lining and the doctors pronounce him dead.

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