This week’s Castle takes a look at the consequences of social media, as Castle and Beckett chase a killer targeting the rich and spoiled of a social media website called Snappamatic. The episode looks at the viral nature of modern media and its implications, something we could all benefit thinking about a little deeper if this episode is any indication!


Castle 7.05 Meme is for Murder5Castle’s writing career is back in the spotlight this episode, with Castle appearing at a book store to film a web commercial for his new book “Raging Heat.” For viewers who may not know this, these books are actually published and you can purchase them if you want to actually read any of Richard Castle’s books!

The murder victim of the episode is Abby Smith, who bled out after her arteries were pierced by a round object. Abby’s boyfriend Carlos tells Ryan and Esposito that she was headed to Club Doom, having booked an appearance there. He said Abby was famous on social media and made reviews on a site called “Snappamatic.” When asked if anyone got angry over Abby’s reviews, Carlos says Edward Han did. Han was seen by the neighbor at Abby’s apartment arguing with her until she slammed the door in his face. They bring Han in and he says he wasn’t the stalker, but he knows who was; there was a note left under Abby’s door the day of the murder, so he points them in that direction.

Castle 7.05 Meme is for Murder4Whoever the killer is, has a morbid sense of humor. The killer posted crime scene photos of Abby’s body on her account, with the caption, “This star’s 15 seconds are over.” The executives at Snappamatic tell Castle and Beckett their users are anonymized and they can’t tell them any information about the account the killer used. The tech at Snappamatic is able to use a geotag on one of the pictures to determine the picture was uploaded at a specific coordinate, that ends up being a vintage furniture store. Esposito says the store is owned by retired cop, Bill Garrett. He worked in the cyber department and would, thus, know his way around the web and social media.

Beckett interrogates Garrett, who claims he had nothing to do with the murder. Beckett pulls out photos of tools that seemingly match Abby’s stab wounds, and a cell phone with recovered crime scene photos of Abby’s body. Things aren’t looking good for Garrett at the moment! Scratch that. As most things go in cop shows, the first guy they bring in is rarely ever the actual killer. While Beckett is interrogation with Garrett, the killer uploads another photo to his account. This time, the photo is of the team arresting Garrett. So, it looks like he isn’t our killer after all. The killer also leaves taunting comments to the NYPD and a collage of pictures, seemingly leading them to his next murder.

The photos the killer posted are analyzed and determined to be a food blogger and Snappamatic user. They bring the woman in, who says she doesn’t know anything about Abby or who may be stalking her. Based on some other clues, a lightbulb goes off for Castle who figures out the clues the killer sent them. The clues are based on an article that came out recently called “The Spoiled Brats of Snappamatic.” The body part pictures are from the article and are of Tatiana Fisher. The team goes to warn Tatiana, but she doesn’t seem very worried about it. The “spoiled brat” title is definitely appropriate. She tells Beckett and Esposito that she’s going to a party since they can’t force her to come with them. As Tatiana goes to get in her vehicle, her boyfriend, Cam’s dead body is found in the driver seat. Maybe she’ll start taking this more seriously now?

Castle 7.05 Meme is for Murder3After uploading a post of his most recent victim, the killer posts a picture of Castle and Beckett before the first crime scene. The creepy killer has been watching them the whole time apparently. While having a vent session about how much she hates social media with Castle, Beckett makes a remark about the killer being a coward and hiding behind anonymity. This leads Castle to come to another epiphany, that the killer is the victim of one of Garrett’s cyber crimes seeking to lash out for how they were wronged by social media.

Ryan finds out that the killer got into Cam’s vehicle by using a 3D printout from a picture Cam posted online. This leads them to wonder how the killer got Abby and Garret’s keys. Carlos tells the team that Abby rented her place out online. All renters check out, except for one they thought didn’t show up, but they end up catching him on camera the day he was supposed to show up. They can now put a face to their killer!

Castle 7.05 Meme is for Murder1Garret comes to the station and says he can identify the killer from the picture; his name is Adam Lane. Garrett says Lane was a victim of cyberbullying and no one was held accountable. They find Lane in his mother’s old house in the basement; he laughs at them as they enter. Castle asks what’s funny and Lane says “You’ll see.” Lane has the founders of Snappamatic held hostage and looking like they’ll be his next victims.

Beckett goes to talk to Lane and tries to get him to talk. Lane thinks he is leaving a legacy like Manson or the Zodiac Killer and says he’s fine with prison. This guy is a complete whack job. Props to the actor for pulling crazy off so well. Beckett does what Beckett does best and completely breaks Lane just in time. Lane has the hostages at his old high school where his bullying happened. Ryan and Esposito get there literally as the timer is reaching 0. Talk about a close call!

Lastly, Castle’s web commercial is released and it’s hilarious, but really not what he was expecting. Watch it here.

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