Get ready for an emotional episode that gives viewers a look into human trafficking. This episode focuses on the murder of a Chinese girl who came to America to find someone, and got caught up in the dirty world of human trafficking.



Bones 10.06 Lost Love in the Foreign Land6Things look like they are going well for Arastoo and Cam. The episode begins with Arastoo talking about his dissertation proposal to Brennan, when Cam gets an email notification from his mother. She says his mom has been sending her recipes, so clearly meeting the parents went well! It looks like there is some confusion on the marriage subject between these two, and they argue about the difference between “if”and “when” they get married.

The team’s newest case involves the dead body of a 20-something Asian female, whose body was found off the side of the road, having been trampled on by goats. While examining the body, Arastoo asks Brennan about whether she is approving his dissertation proposal. She doesn’t seem to want to answer, but Angela and Cam pressure her about it a bit, and she says she isn’t approving it and walks away. Hodgins finds a watch at the crime scene, and after recovering the serial number, determines it belonged to Sandra Zins.

Bones 10.06 Lost Love in the Foreign Land2Booth talks to Zins, and she IDs the body as her maid Theresa. She’s not sure why she had the watch. Zins says she hired Theresa through Sally Helpers, and a man, Victor Lee, is the owner. Back at the Jeffersonian, Cam confronts Brennan about dismissing Arastoo’s dissertation proposal. Brennan says that he should be talking to her himself, and explains she denied it because she thinks he should do something that new research needs to be done on, not choose something just to please her.

Booth and Aubrey talk to Lee, who says Theresa (real name Ming Yun) had started stealing from her clients, but he didn’t have a chance to confront her about it before she disappeared. Lee says there was one client who Ming implied was coming onto her, and he gives his information to Booth. Brennan and Arastoo find evidence that she was sexually assaulted, after noting her wrists appear to have been tied. After discovering this, Brennan lets slip to Arastoo that she talked to Cam about the dissertation. Arastoo confronts Cam, questions if she respects him, and calls her out for always getting weird when things get serious between them.

Aubrey finds out that the man, Jeremy, who Ming talked about hitting on her was a sex offender, so he’s looking good for the murder at this point.  Aubrey brings him for interrogation and he points them in the direction of where she may have lived, based on which bus she took after leaving work. Cam discovers she had “cave disease,”and Hodgins is able to determine, with that info, the bus route where she was living. Booth and Aubrey go check out the address, and Lee is there (and acting pretty sketchy).

Bones 10.06 Lost Love in the Foreign Land7They find a number of women in a basement area, and Booth realizes, “they don’t just work for you, they’re your slaves.”  Booth questions one of the women found in Lee’s slave basement. He tells the woman that Ming was found with bruises, and notices she was hit too. The woman says Lee threatened her and her family; they determine he’s a human trafficker, but they have to find evidence to prove it. Angela has pieced together a picture found at the crime scene, and it’s of a man named Sun who is wanted in China for the murder of Ming’s father. She may have come to America on a revenge mission.

Booth brings in Sun, and he seems surprised that Ming was even in America, much the less dead. He calls her “my Ming Yun”and says they were to be married and there has to be a mistake. He admits that he did kill her father, but it was to protect her, because her father was beating her and selling her to someone in the village. He was trafficked too and couldn’t get to her.

Angela traced the investors of Lee’s company, and found it’s owned by Sandra Zins. Zins used her connections in Asia to bring these people in and exploit them. She admits to the trafficking, but says she never killed anyone. Brennan determines a manicuring tool was the murder weapon. It just so happens the woman who Booth spoke to earlier about Lee was a manicurist. The woman admits to the murder and says it was Ming’s fault. Ming had been sneaking out of the house, looking for someone. Lee said if Ming did it again, he would punish all of them and their families. So she killed Ming to stop her and protect her family. The real bad guy here is clearly Lee.

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