With some unlikely help, Monroe and Rosalee find the spell that Adalind used on Nick. Will he get his powers back soon?


Trubel is unmasked by her captors, who include Wesen FBI Agent Chavez and crew. Chavez woges, confirming that Trubel is a Grimm. Chavez tells her what she’s doing now as a Grimm isn’t as important as what she could be doing. She wants Trubel to join some type of special group, and says she’ll be in touch to get an answer.

Grimm The Last Fight the bodyIn a separate story of the episode, a boxer, Clay Pittman, gets beaten by a group with bats before he woges and dismantles them all. Then his trainer, Abe Tucker, takes him into the boxing ring for an actual match; he may have a bit of an unfair advantage against his opponent, being a Wesen and all. Clay’s coach, Stan Kingston, is pushing him towards bigger fights, which Tucker doesn’t agree with. It turns out they have some trouble on their hands because Clay broke the jaw of one of the guys who was beating him with a bat, and is threatening to report their group for what they do if he doesn’t get $25,000.

Nick is taken to the hospital by Juliette and Wu to figure out what caused his strange blackout/headache. No one at the hospital is sure what caused it. Monroe, Rosalee and Hank have a conversation about Nick’s Grimm problem and Juliette’s hesitance to have Nick get his powers back. They decide they’ll talk to Captain Renard about what’s going on and maybe get his help.

It’s the end of the road for the boxer’s blackmailer, he’s sitting in his car, waiting for the money when he’s attacked. The blackmailer’s body is found and his name is Robert “Bang Bang”Moore. Wu is still being annoyingly persistent about all the Grimm stuff he is on the verge of uncovering.

Grimm The Last Fight AdalindNick and Hank go talk to Moore’s sister, who tells them he had gotten beaten up the night before at Kingston Boxing. Else where, Renard’s mother is trying to figure out where her granddaughter is, but he isn’t giving her a straight answer. You never know who you can trust, so that may be a good idea. Monroe and Rosalee show up to ask Renard for help, and his mom says she will help them instead. She says, “To beat a Hexenbiest like Adalind, you need a Hexenbiest like me.” Cut to Adalind having a near breakdown in her prison cell in Vienna. Kind of want to feel sorry for her, but…not really.

At Kingston Boxing, Nick and Hank question Clay’s crew about Moore’s murder. They admit to seeing him and paying him, but nothing more. After they leave, Clay gets pretty upset and seems to think it was his fault and maybe he hit Moore too hard which caused him to die. Hank tells Nick they need to get Trubel involved, but Nick is wary because he can’t protect her. Hank says the more Nick teaches her the better off she’ll be, so Nick agrees and they send Trubel to the boxing ring under the guise of working out.

GrimmNick talks to Clay’s mom and she implies that she doesn’t really trust Stan Kingston, but she trusts her son’s judgment. Trubel talks to Clay and he tells her he fights for the money, not because he likes it. Stan gets upset about Trubel talking to Clay, so he makes her fight some giant of a woman or get out. As Trubel gets ready to fight the girl, she woges. It’s starting to look like every boxer at this gym is a Wesen.

Nick and Hank go back to the gym to confront Stan Kingston about the call he received from Moore the night before. Kingston says he was looking for more work and he and Abe were out to dinner. Clay tells Abe he wants out, but Kingston walks in and threatens to tell the police that Clay killed Moore if he doesn’t fight. Abe and Kingston get into an argument about what’s best for Clay and both woge, with Trubel watching outside the door. Nick and gang head to the trailer to determine what they’re dealing with.

The creepy person next to Adalind’s cell is still talking to her and being sketchy. He supposedly tells her a way of escaping. He tells her a stone to push that ends up opening up a passageway that she starts crawling through. The path leads to the creepy guy’s cell, and he says his name is Hoffman and tells her he’ll help her find her baby. The two of them then escape through another passageway in his cell.

GrimmRenard’s mother finds the spell Adalind used, and they head to the spice shop to make a reversing potion. Nick and crew find the type of Wesen Kingston is in the book, and the description of the wounds this Wesen inflicts match the wounds on Moore. Abe is found dead with the same injury found on Moore. Nick and Hank head over to confront Kingston and tell them he knows he is a Wesen. He woges and Trubel arrives and he attacks her. Trubel rips off one of Kingston’s horns and breaks his neck. Nick says he’s taking the blame for the kill and tells Trubel to go tell Clay he doesn’t have to fight.

In a shocking twist of events, it looks like Clay’s mother was more involved than she seemed. He tells her he doesn’t want to fight, then she goes into a speech about how it’s what he does and how she hired the coach and trainer and they did what she told them to do. Then she slaps the crap out of Clay. Trubel, Nick and Hank walk in and break them up. Clay injures himself and walks away.

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