My favorite original family is back, which can only mean one thing, it’s Monday again! Well, at least Klaus and Elijah’s sexiness make up for it being my least favorite day of the week!




The award for Worst Mother of the Year goes to, Esther Mikaelson! She is continuing on her ridiculous plan to convince Elijah to allow her to resurrect him the way she has Finn and Kol by slicing his throat? Okay that doesn’t sound like a motherly thing to do now does it? This won’t stop Klaus and Hayley from trying to find the honorable Mikaelson. Vincent (Finn) is still posing as Cami’s advisor however, she soon finds out that he isn’t who he said he was. Despite realizing who he is Cami is determined to continue to work with him to find out his end game.

WheelInsideWheel5aMeanwhile, Hayley is determined to save Oliver from being executed by the witches. As Klaus decides to lure his mother out by threatening to dessicate her corpse Elijah shows up but he is clearly different, almost menacing. But, as it turns out, he is nothing more than an illusion created by Esther who is waiting in the shadows for Klaus, still the Original Witch is determined to convince Klaus that her way is the best and only way for redemption.

Despite Klaus’ hatred for his father, Esther she reveals that she will protect Klaus, if he allows her to cleanse him of his sins and be reborn as a Witch. A deal that, of course, Klaus refuses. This is when Esther informs her son that she can give him the truth about his biological father. Color me intrigued. In a puzzling turn of events, Esther releases Elijah to Klaus.

WheelInsideWheelSneak2-featureHayley has followed the scent to the wolves in order to convince them to help her rescue Oliver from the Witches and she runs into Jackson (YAY the hot wolf man is back)! Hayley tries to convince Jackson to become the alpha and save Oliver but Jackson refuses because of what Oliver did in the past. With Jackson’s friend, Ansel, in tow, Hayley finds Oliver in the cemetery where he has been beaten and tortured, waiting for execution. They are about to be overrun by Werewolves but Jackson’s friend offers her and Oliver a way out.


theoriginals-s01e13-jacksonMeanwhile, Klaus comes to the cemetery to help Hayley and comes face-to-face with his biological father, a man he saw die hundreds of years earlier. But he’s 100% real, Esther resurrected him for Klaus. He is less than grateful and promises to make her life miserable for coming after his daughter. But Esther did it to prevent the witch, Dahlia, from coming for her entire family.

Break out the tissues guys because Hayley takes Oliver to Jackson and he dies a terrible death in his friend’s arms. Come on, man! Oliver was becoming one of the good guys!  RIP Oliver!

What did you think of this episode? Will the Mikaelson family ever get their act together? Talk about it in the comments below.

The Originals airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Watch full episodes on, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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