-sleepy-hollow---19-I’m loving these cold opens on Sleepy Hollow this season. Having Katrina and Ichabod Crane at odds over the lengths one will go for their love in life resolves into their opinions on an episodes of The Bachelor. Better yet, Katrina wants more reality TV! But, that all has to wait as our team needs to track down Henry Parrish before he makes yet another move against them to assist Moloch in his rise to conquering/destroying the earth. Unbeknownst to them Henry’s already got the next play in motion – he’s called forth a succubus to pull the life force from unsuspecting victims, for a nefarious reason we eventually discover. When Ichabod and Detective Abbie Mills find the first victim, very drained of all bodily fluids, they immediately recognize it as the supernatural death it is. This is good. I like that Ichabbie cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste our time (or insult our intelligence) but moves ahead with that as the cause. Even better, it only takes another victim for them to put the pieces together and identify the culprit as a tumblr_nepfnzxMAD1sqvy9eo1_500succubus. For that, we have to give credit to Katrina, who plays a very big part in this episode.

That cold open wasn’t just to amuse; it lends Crane and Katrina’s relationship to some closer scrutiny. We know Katrina is the love of Crane’s life — he says as much, and often – but he’s been in our 21st century world with Abbie and the others for a year now, and he’s steadily picking up the knowledge to get by living here. Katrina was in purgatory for most of that time, and once out, was holed up with Abraham (aka Mr. Headless Horseman) and Henry, in cabin removed form society until very recently. Crane has adapted and his relationship with Abbie, as a friend and as a fellow Witness, means that bond has grown, as well. It’s a tough spot to be in, and it’s clear the predicament isn’t lost on any of the 3 leads in this episode. Katrina is clearly wary and jealous of Abbie’s relationship with Crane, and Abbie’s doing some significant eye rolling at the Crane’s attempts at togetherness. There was little doubt this love(ish) triangle would come to a boil soon, but how that would play out was something I wasn’t going to guess. Good thing, too!

e7b12357c5c44d80cd699b52c048000aAfter we bring Hawley into the picture (cuz he knows about lots of supernatural things, it’s natural they’d want to consult with him on how to deal with the succubus) we trade in the triangle for a square. To keep it straight, Katrina’s all about Crane, who while returning that love, also probably has a thing for Abbie. Abbie probably has the same thing for Crane (we’re going with “let’s see what happens in Season 3” with this relationship actually being admitted to by either character) but does not seem to have a thing for Hawley. But Hawley is really bad at hiding the stars in his eyes he gets for Abbie. Got it? Good.

sleepyhollowep8headKatrina’s newly found visions (residual from the failed demon pregnancy last episode) show Henry collecting the life forces the succubus brings him – looks like there’s another means of bringing Moloch into the world! Hawley and Crane go after the succubus at the nightclub where she made her first kill, while Katrina and Abbie go to the cemetery to find the demon’s heart (stashed away to keep it from being harmed, and thus keeping her nearly immortal). And yes, we’re treated to Crane trying to be more open to Hawley, knowing Hawley has a thing for Abbie. But with the ladies, it’s a more pragmatic discussion. Katrina admits her behavior to Abbie has been less than kind, but confesses she’s finding it hard to adjust to the current status quo. Once they immolate the heart (I love the idea of both ladies “seeing” something different in the urn with the heart. I think I’d see crickets instead of maggots or rats. I hate crickets) the lads are able to kill the succubus. While still off in pairs, Katrina tells Abbie that she’s decided she can do more good for them as a mole at Abraham’s. She knows he’s starting to trust her and she knows this might be the best way to find out how to stop Moloch. She’s careful not to admit she wants to stop Henry – she won’t give up her belief he can still be saved – so we’ll see when that time comes if her faith is misplaced or not.

Sleepy-Hollow-Heartless-1Abbie informs Crane that Katrina has gone back to Abraham and to her surprise, and mine, Crane is okay with this. Well, Katrina is a powerful witch after all, so he’s not wrong in thinking this covers more bases. So, this episode, which includes destroying the heart of a demon, discussing affairs of the heart among husband and wife (the Cranes) and potential lovers (Abbie and Hawley), leaves us with one final mystery: When Henry asks Abraham to bring Katrina into the room to him , it’s only because she has her necklace on (the one that lets her see Abraham as a mortal, not as Headless) and we discover it’s because there’s a baby in a crib. Yeah, right. Let’s take off the glowing magical pendant and see what really lies before Katrina. I’m placing bets there will be no diaper changes needed on that little guy any time soon!

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