Now that is creepy! Check out the new teaser trailer for the wickedly devilish Season Two of Salem.

Last season all hell broke loose (literally) as ruthless witch Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) declared a Witch War. It’s safe to say, season two is going to pick up in the middle of all the madness. Mary has proven she will do anything to gain power over the town of Salem and over her former flame, John Alden (Shane West).

Expect all of our favorites to return (well, most of them) including confused “new” witch Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant), troubled Reverend Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel), insane and unhinged Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle), the silent, but lovable Isaac (Iddo Goldberg), and Mary’s frenemy, Tituba (Ashley Madekwe). Anything can and probably will happen when we return to Salem. I am wondering who the child in the trailer is. Perhaps Mary’s lost son? Hmm.

Need to catch up on Season 1? Watch it HERE.

Well, let’s just say face-licking is probably the least shocking thing we’ll be seeing next season! Stay tuned! Salem returns to WGN America in April 2015.

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