Nick, Hank and Trubel have to find a way to stop a non-Wesen clay monster this week, and Elizabeth comes one step closer to completing the potion to get Nick’s Grimm powers back.


GrimmWhile Elizabeth (Renard’s mother), Rosalee and Monroe are at the spice shop, a couple of masked Wesen throw a brick through the window. The brick has a marking on it and is a warning; apparently some people don’t like mixed Wesen marriages and aren’t happy Monroe and Rosalee got married. Elizabeth also tells them that based on the spell Adalind used, it’s going to be harder than she thought coming up with a cure.

At Nick’s, Trubel’s stuff is packed up and she’s nowhere to be found. She leaves a black knight chess piece that ends up being a message for Nick. He goes to the trailer and Trubel is there; she tells him about Chavez kidnapping her and wanting her to join some special group.

By being harder than she thought, apparently Elizabeth meant not that long at all, because she says she’s got the cure pretty much put together and it just needs to ferment basically.

GrimmIn our side Wesen mystery of the episode, a Wesen shows up to his family’s house drunk and beating up on his ex-wife, Sarah Fisher, before she escapes with her son. While in the hospital, her brother, Ben comes to visit her and says “never again.” Ben goes home and starts chanting and performing a spell, which then causes some clay monster to kill the drunk-abusive Wesen, Keith Harrow. At the trailer, Nick and Hank explain to Trubel that there are beings, other than just Wesen, that could have done this.

Ben calls Hank saying he wants to confess to the murder. Ben is a rabi and takes Nick and Hank into his study and shows them an ancient scroll, that he says has the power to protect its people. Hank tells him they can’t arrest someone for praying to a jar for protection, even if Ben think he kills Keith. Keith’s brother, Nate, is convinced Sarah had something to do with Keith’s death, so he shows up at their house and starts throwing everyone around, woging and terrifying poor David, Sarah’s son. Sarah calls the cops and Nate leaves, but not before threatening to kill them all.

GrimmSargent Wu is back at work and goes over Nick’s head to talk to Renard about his suspicions in relation to Trubel. In Austria, Adalind is still trying to make her escape with the strange man from the prison cells. Elizabeth has nearly finished back at the spice shop, as she appears in front of Rosalee and Monroe in Adalind’s form. Monroe is convinced it’s actually Adalind, but Rosalee figures it out. Elizabeth says they have almost everything they need, and then we see Adalind nearly drowning in a sea of tears in Austria.

As Nick, Hank and Ben pull up to Nate’s place, they see the clay-monster killing Nate. It turns out Ben prayed for the monster to protect David whenever he’s feeling threatened, indefinitely; so they need to do a reverse spell to prevent it from killing anyone else. Back at Sarah’s, Trubel has dropped by at David’s request. Ben says they have to write a shim and then stick it in the monster’s mouth; so they will have to threaten David to get it to appear.

GrimmTo get David feeling threatened, Nick starts going off about having to take him to jail and throwing his toy on the ground. The monster appears, but as Ben tries to put the shim in his mouth he gets knocked away. The monster tries to get Trubel, and then David starts beating the monster with his toy and it disappears. Elizabeth, Rosalee and Monroe show up at Nick’s and tell him that to complete the spell to give him his Grimm powers back, they need Juliette.

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