WonderCon 2015: The Messengers Interviews

“The Messengers” is a new series about several people who collapse when a meteor crashes to earth in the New Mexico desert.  After their collapse, and miraculous resurrection, they instantly feel connected to each other. These strangers will soon discover they have one thing in common; destiny has been thrust upon their shoulders.  And as the Angels of the Apocalypse, with an impressive array of supernatural gifts, they must now work together to rewrite prophecy and prevent the Beginning of the End.

We got the opportunity to talk with the cast of this new series, including with Anna Diop (Rose),  J. D. Pardo (Raul), Craig Frank (Alan) & Shantel VanSanten (Vera), Diogo Morgado (The Man), and executive producers Eoghan O’Donnell & Trey Callaway.

The Messengers” premieres on The CW on April 17th at 9PM.

Anna Diop (Rose) & J. D. Pardo (Raul)

Craig Frank (Alan) & Shantel VanSanten (Vera)

Diogo Morgado (The Man)

Eoghan O’Donnell & Trey Callaway Executive Producers

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