The Messengers are Coming!

A group of strangers are drawn together after they die from an energy blast from a meteor. They discover they have been gifted with powers of angels of the Apocolypse and must stop the end of the world together. Don’t miss Gossip Girl’s Sofia Black D’Elia “Erin”, Craig Frank “Alan”, Shantel VanSanten “Vera”, Joel Courtney “Peter”, Diogo Morgado “The Man” on The Messengers, premiering Friday, April 17! And check out the teasers for these characters below.

Sofia Black D’Elia: Deadly Crash One moment can change your whole life.

Shantel VanSanten and Craig Frank: Trouble in the Desert Who is Michael?

Joel Cortney: Underwater Through death comes true ascension.

Diogo Morgado: Origins The story of how it all ends was written long ago.

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