Dichen Lachman Is A Mom!

Lachman BMany people enjoyed Dichen Lachman’s role on Agents of SHIELD as Skye’s Inhuman mother, Jiaying, and were sad to see that role end with the season finale two weeks ago. Her presence added a lot to the show’s second season.

Now, Lachman has a new role….as a mother.

Whedonopolis got an e-mail from her today announcing that she had given birth to a baby girl last week. In our interview with her a few weeks ago, she announced that she was close to giving birth. She had learned of her condition two months after she was engaged to Maximilian Osinski. They were married in January of this year.

She says when she learned she was pregnant, she was worried about how it would affect her role on Agents of SHIELD.  “They were incredibly accomodating and they do use visual effects to diminish the belly in some scenes. I think in this day and age it is really remarkable and a sign of great progress that a studio and a network would accommodate a woman to even when if she is pregnant.”  She also says, “It was really uplifting, and I had so much more faith in the system, to feel welcomed, even though I was literally out of shape, and they were going to work around me. I think that’s a real credit to the people on the show and the people behind the show and the people who are running the show, that they didn’t let that affect their decision to hire me.”

In fact, here is a scene from “Afterlife,” where Jiaying finally meets Skye for the first time in years. It is one of the few where all of Lachman is shown, and hints of her condition:

SHIELD Afterlife Dichen Lachman

“There were moments when everyone on set was a bit worried I was going to deliver right then,” Lachman said.
“It was fun and Chloe and all the girls were so sweet to me, and it was great. It was really great to be able work while I was pregnant because otherwise I would have gone completely mad.”

Whedonopolis wishes Dichen Lachman and her husband all the best in their new roles as parents.

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3 thoughts on “Dichen Lachman Is A Mom!


    (2015-05-28 - 10:43 am)

    I’m glad more producers are not freaking out when their actresses are pregnant during filming. Thanks to CGI there’s always a way to minimize the bump.

    Linda B. Williams

    (2015-05-28 - 11:14 am)

    I knew she was preggers, and was constantly amazed at how many full-body shots they used. it seemed to me they didn’t utilize THAT much CGI, either — great costuming created a visual line that flowed from her shoulders in a traditional oriental style that was exceedingly effective in hiding her baby bump


    (2015-06-03 - 8:25 pm)

    Anyone know the type of special effect/CGI that is used nowadays to erase baby bumpd? Whatever is being used I’m glad so actresses can continue to work while pregnant without producers freaking out like they used to.

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