The second part of Teen Wolf’s premiere introduced us to an ensemble of those Scott and his pack will be protecting, and those to whom our pack will become prey.

**** Spoilers Below****

As good as it was to get back into the pack mentality last night, I thought tonight’s episode did a good job of starting to flesh out some of the characters, like Mason, as well as introducing Tracy and Hayden.  I am feeling that there will be more and more layers of coolness this year.  We already know from last night there are at least two different stories that will be told.  Tonight we are introduced to Tracy, a young girl that appears to get night tremors, but who also pukes out black goo all over Lydia’s Mom’s office.  Why does that matter?  Because this substance has been all over the promo videos of Teen Wolf this season.  She doesn’t seem to have a huge connection to our pack, until Lydia, and then Deputy Parrish, show an interest in her.  As did the steam punk looking baddies who do experiments on the supernatural.  I was trying to figure out if they turned her into a wendigo at the end?  I saw all of those teeth, more than a were wolves teeth.   Time will tell.

Lydia and Parrish 1Speaking of Lydia and Deputy Parrish, I know that it is only TV, but it feels wrong the way they continue to flirt together and continue to dance around obvious feelings they share.  I remember not caring when watching Buffy and Angel.  I don’t know really what makes it different, other than Parrish isn’t a vampire, he is sorta human and a police officer.

Tonight was a night where Teen Wolf shows the importance of friendship.  I will talk about Liam and Mason later, but for me the best scene was between Scott and Stiles tonight.  Scott and Stiles were arguing about trusting Theo, and Stiles kinda lost it.  I love how powerful their bromance is, how neither of them gives up on the other.  I thought both Stiles fury and Scott’s responsiveness towards his friend really was on point for who they are to one another.

One of the things I wished they would have done differently was to give more time for us to wonder about Theo.  I mean, by now who can really argue with Stiles.  Funny thing was, the more Malia or his Dad or even Scott tried to convince Stiles that he needed to trust Theo, the more I knew Stiles was right.  To the packs credit, the way Stiles goes about proving his case isn’t always the best, but if he has a supernatural power, it would be “being right.”  I thought it was kinda awesome how Stiles is the one who looks after Scott, who looks after everyone else.

Teen_Wolf_Liam Yellow Eyes 1Tonight I felt for Liam who was trying to be the best friend he could to Mason, while holding back that he’s a werewolf.  I think we will be seeing more of Mason now that Liam was outed.  Liam and Mason, Tracy, and even Hayden feel like they will be growing into a second beta pack to Scott’s.  I mean we have nearly all younger versions if Tracy becomes a banshee and Hayden becomes another fighting girlfriend of the second lead, Liam.

Teen_Wolf_Season_5_Tease_Doctor_eye_close_upThis season is taking it’s time looking at the new bad who Teen Wolf are calling The Doctors.  We know they are experimenting on the supernatural, like whatever attacked Scott in the first episode and who experiment on Tracy in this one.  How are they connected to Lydia from the first episode (we all know they are)?

As much as I liked “Creatures of the Night,” I thought this episode was far superior with the layering of stories, the leveling up of friendships and pack togetherness.  Soon, and very soon, Theo needs to be outed for whatever he is.  I don’t know what game he is playing, but I don’t think it is as simple as that he wants Scott’s powers.  Thank goodness for Stiles.

New episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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