The cast of iZombie started their Friday at SDCC with press interviews at the Hilton Bayfront to talk about the first year of the show and tease what may be in store for fans next season!  Executive Producer Rob Thomas talks about how happy the crew has been with the fan reaction to the show and how social media has changed since he worked on Veronica Mars (another amazing show!) years ago.  Rose McIver jokes about the possibility of Liv getting a tan and says she’s happy to play a female character who isn’t afraid to be herself and is comfortable with her appearance.  Season 2 of iZombie will premiere October 6, 2015.  Check out our videos below to hear all of what the cast/crew had to say about iZombie!

Rose McIver (Liv)

Malcolm Goodwin (Clive)

Rahul Kohli (Ravi)

Rob Thomas (Executive Producer)

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