Saturday at San Diego Comic Con the cast of Grimm stopped by the Hilton Bayfront to chat with press about the huge events fans saw happen in season 4, and tease about what we can expect in season 5.  Unfortunately for fans who may have hoped Juliette somehow was still alive, the cast says she is definitely dead.  Bree Turner talks about how emotional it was for them to all say goodbye to the character, as well as the actress herself (Bitsie Tulloch). Nick will be dealing with a lot of emotional upheaval in season 5 and coping with the aftermath of everything that happened at the end of season 4.  Watch our videos below for the scoop!  Grimm returns this fall to NBC.

David Giuntoli

Claire Coffee

Bree Turner

Silas Weir Mitchell

Sasha Roiz

Reggie Lee

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