The cast and producers of Fear the Walking Dead stopped by the Hilton Bayfront Saturday of Comic Con weekend to talk about the new show, which is a spinoff of the hugely successful series The Walking Dead.  Despite being a spinoff, the two shows are completely different and according to the cast, Fear the Walking Dead will present fans with a completely different experience and story.  And for those (rare few) who don’t watch The Walking Dead, don’t worry – you can watch Fear the Walking Dead and won’t have missed anything.


1.  In this universe, the characters know nothing about what’s going on Atlanta and everyone is going on living their lives in LA when the series starts.

2.  Fear the Walking Dead is somewhat of an origin story and will show the outbreak beginning.  The “infected” look like anyone else; you can’t tell who is or isn’t infected and in the beginning we can expect a lot of the characters to be unwilling to believe what’s happening before their eyes.

3.  The dependency and addiction to infrastructure and convenience in society will be highlighted in the show, as well as its fallibility.

4.  The producers drew inspiration from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and its suspenseful nature in creating Fear the Walking Dead.

5.  The cast and producers emphasize that the audience knows more than the characters in the show; so expect to be frustrated with some of the seemingly obvious, bad decisions characters will make in the beginning!

The series premieres Sunday August 23, 2015 on AMC.  To hold you over – listen to our press room audio clips below to get more inside scoop about the show.


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