What if Lucifer decided he was bored with life in Hell, and moved to Los Angeles to help the LAPD dTom Elliseal with local criminals? The better question is why has no one of thought of this as a series sooner? Take a dose of Neil Gaiman’s character Lucifer from his comic book series, The Sandman; add a hefty splash of Mike Carey’s comic spin off; then top off with creativity and vision from an enthusiastic and committed cast and crew and you have Fox’s highly anticipated, Lucifer, coming in January 2016. Fans at SDCC 2015 were treated to a special screening of the pilot at both Preview Night and at the show’s panel, and it certainly rallied the audience for more!

Watch our interviews with the show’s cast and EPs from the round table press room. And be sure to keep an eye out for Lucifer on Fox Television in January 2016!



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