“Required Reading” was simply another well-crafted episode for our favorite pack.  Tonight’s Teen Wolf was a wonderful example of how it is both supernatural and psychological in nature.  As Scott and his team continue to unravel the mysteries of the dread doctors, they read the book that should allow them to remember the dread doctors, with horrific consequences.


**** Spoilers Bellow****

I have learned to eagerly wait for Teen Wolf to answer whatever questions are thrown out.  So the opening sequence of Scott needing his inhaler was an awesome tease for the ride of the night.  Scott and his friends hope that the book will lead to the next clues to find out who the dread doctors are in order to defeat them. We will be waiting to see how that plays out, however what we did see was that the book has what appears to be psychological effects on the readers.  Tonight, we saw those effects on Lydia, Scott and then Stiles.  Lydia experienced seeing her grandmother’s tragic and creepy death.  Scott was brought back before he was a werewolf to when he had asthma.  Even though he is an alpha, I was wondering if Scott could die because of having an asthma attack.  Finally, Dylan O’brien once more owns bringing us into Stile’s life, allowing us to experience Stiles past hurts.   This time Stiles sees his mother’s disabling disease, and is aware of how she believes his ten year old self is trying to kill her.  Considering how the book effected Scott, Stiles and Lydia what are the consequences for rest of the pack. TW 5.6 Scott Liam

They have all grown so much over the years that seeing their flashbacks made me realize how each of them are forced to have “old souls.”  I wonder how the book connects the reader to the dread doctors.  I also wonder if the book is a ruse created by the doctors to make shape shifters more vulnerable to becoming experiments, even though Valeck wrote the book.

TW 5.6 Required Reading - Theo MaliaWhile our primary pack has their work cut out for them with the dread doctors, Theo keeps inching his way into Scott’s pack.  Scott is simply too nice for his own good.  I couldn’t believe he included Theo in the book reading session with Lydia, Stiles, Malia and Kira.  I loved the confrontation between Malia and Theo.  He has been so far one step ahead as the doctor’s liaison to humanity.  Theo acted as if he was protecting Malia’s secret about her mother from the others.  Best part wasn’t that she told him she owed him nothing, instead it was that she showed her strength and dominance over him.  Don’t mess with Malia.

When I was watching this episode of Teen Wolf my buddy was asking where Liam was.  Why wasn’t Liam helping with the pack big bads?  I wished I had a better answer.  I know that Liam and Mason are newer to all of this, but I get annoyed when Theo pushes his way into being part of things while Teen Wolf Hayden LiamLiam is left out to play lacrosse.  Wait for it, tonight starts the pay off with his child enemy (I think future girlfriend), Hayden who looks like she may be a chimera.  I have been saying for weeks now that Hayden was going to have to be something supernatural.  It is obvious she is going to become Liam’s love interest, so she needs to be something — a hunter, shape shifter…fine, a chimera.  While Scott and the primary pack has been trying to find out more about the dread doctors and how they pick their experiments, Liam may have unknowingly found the answer with Hayden’s surgery a few years back.  Could the dread doctors be operating on teenagers while looking at possible chimera potentials?

Finally, one last reveal of the week.  Theo tells Stiles he knows about him killing Donovan dying in order to keep Stiles quiet about the chimera Theo killed.  Teen Wolf has been pretty amazing this season, and from the looks of next week’s trailer, it will continue to get better and better.  Don’t forget new episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.




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