Hollywood HitmenIs everything like showbiz these days, whether it’s politics…or being an assassin?

Two former members of the Dollhouse, Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachman, certainly think so. They helped create Hollywood Hitmen, a webseries that’s starting to get a lot of attention on YouTube.

Gjokaj, who will be back soon in Agent Carter, not only helped write the show with Maximilian Osinski, but also co-directed it with Alessando Ongaro. The series is about Evan (Gjokaj) and Max (Osinski), two hitmen who are trying to make a name for themselves. The 30 minute series is actually a series of scenarios ranging from trying to get to a money drop to dealing with people who haven’t been paying their debts. The way Evan and Max interact, or even run up stairs in cool suits, may remind some people of Pulp Fiction.

The best part, though, is the last scenario when the guys deal with a “tied up guy,” but are interrupted by two female assassins (Jessy Schram, Dichen Lachman) who were also sent to do the job. The ladies are somewhat familiar with the two guys.  A scene where they try to talk to their agent about getting a chance to knock off a diplomat is also very funny. The fact that they actually have to deal with an agent (Dan Newmark), and making it look like two guys trying to get a bit part in a movie is a nice touch.

By the way, Lachman is not only a co-producer, but also chose the costumes.

Check out the whole series below. Hopefully we will get more adventures of Max and Evan in the future.


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