For most of this season, Teen Wolf’s pace has felt like a slow crawl.  Tonight’s episode felt like it was given a boost of speed force from The Flash. Easily the best episode this week… oh, and we find yet another reason to despise Theo even more.

**** Spoilers Below****

Beacon Hills has become a killing zone of teenagers and young adults who have been transformed in to chimeras, human experiments given DNA from shape shifters by the Dread Doctors.   The last several weeks Scott and his friends have been trying to figure out whom or what the newest villains are and their endgame.  This season has felt like a slow moving train picking up speed, last week got its momentum.  “Strange Frequencies” continues with the packs first attempt of going on the offensive against the Dread Doctors.

One of the things I have loved about Teen Wolf is the solidarity of Scott and his friends.  Even before we could call them his pack, their friendships and trust is when they are at their best.  This season, Scott’s closest relationships are being tested.  Scott and Kira have become more distant over the last few weeks because the fox within her.  Scott loves her, and will protect her from her TW 5.7 Kitsune kitsune if he needs to, rightly so in what we saw this week.  I am always intrigued when the show focuses on their interpretation of the kitsune mythology within Kira’s journey.  It was very weird to watch her mother attack her at first, but eventually you understand that she was bringing out the kitsune within Kira.  This was their way for Kira to regain balance over the fox, though not sure if that really worked.  This week we are left with Kira disappearing leaving the numbers 115 in her wall.

Theo is the guy I would love to see beat up.  We know that he is working for the Dread Doctors and that makes him so unlikeable, but then we also find out that he watched his sister die without doing anything to save her? He sucks. Theo wants to come between Scott and Stiles.  I think he knows they are weaker separate and he needs every advantage to get into Scott’s pack and kill him.  Every misdirection by Theo is leading to that confrontation.   Was I the only one who got some satisfaction from Parrish hitting him in Stile’s jeep?  I, personally, loved it.

Another thing I loved was that Liam and Hayden took more center stage.  I know Liam is taking a journey similar to Kira’s.  NothingTeen_Wolf_Season_5_Episode_7_Strange_Frequencies_Hayden_transformed says Liam has to be a junior version of Scott, still I have been waiting for him to get to the place where he is all in.  While he isn’t there yet, he made several steps in that direction this week, wanting to protect Hayden.  Speaking of Hayden, I called it weeks ago.  I knew she was going to be…. ok, we will go with chimera.  I also liked that Liam stood up to Scott.  I personally see both sides of the argument.  Yes, Scott was right in that this was the only opportunity they’ve had to capture a Dread Doctor.  Liam was right to be pissed because no one told him or Hayden that she was secondary bait while being protected.

Watching Scott McCall mature this season from a teenager into being a young adult has been so enjoyable.  While he has gone through so much over the last couple of years, I am looking forward to seeing who Scott will become at the end of this season.  Tonight’s loss over the Dread Doctors hurt.  For Scott his hallucination was of Kira killing him.  She stabbed him through with her sword.  Even though this didnTeen-Wolf5x07-341x220‘t really happen, they brought out Scott’s fear of his girlfriend, and of his distrust of her staying in control.  Even worse because of this, the Doctors captured not only Hayden but also Liam.  Next week we will be dealing the fallout of everything that happened.

Then there is Deputy Parrish.  Did anyone else notice that he appeared to be in a trance?  I don’t think he knows what he is doing.  Again, I can’t explain how much I enjoyed watching him hit Theo, but not at the cost of the jeep.  Stiles wasn’t looking too good either.  I am still going with phoenix, but for now only time will tell about Parrish.

I can’t believe how much they pack into one hour of Teen Wolf!  Don’t forget new episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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