“Lies of Omission”

            If you thought that Theo had redeeming qualities before Monday’s Teen Wolf, then you can finally join the rest of us in knowing he sucks.  It is a good thing for him that the writers want all of our favorite characters uncharacteristically not talking to one another.  I personally look forward to the day when they do talk and put his lies together.

**** Spoilers Bellow****

            Tonight was simply hard to watch not because it was a bad episode (in fact it was anything but that), but because it is so difficult to see Scott Teen Wolf 5.9 Scott Inhalerwhere he is at right now this season.  His first monologue sets the tone for how he sees his life, and how others are seeing him.  Scott doesn’t believe in himself at this point.  I understand he is so overwhelmed, personally I think that is connected with his asthma coming back, and it will dissipate again once he has better control over his life.

For weeks now, the boys have not been acting like the best friends we know Scott and Stiles to be.  Stiles is afraid to talk to Scott about Donovan’s death and Scott has been struggling through his own failed attempts to protect each of the chimeras killed by the dread doctors. Scott has already failed to protect Liam’s new girlfriend, Hayden, and this has impacted his relationship with Liam.

No one is talking to each other — Malia is looking for her mother alone, and no one had told Parrish that he is the one taking the dead chimeras.  Liam is trying to protect Hayden, but he is doing it without being around Scott, and everyone is keeping Stilinski in the dark about everything.  If there is one complaint I have is that Scott and Stiles, even Malia are confiding in Theo.  I have mentioned how much disdain I have for Theo, Teen Wolf 5.9 Scott Theo 2tonight he earned more loathing as he began talking to Scott in his truck, then again lying to Stilinski.  I personally have experienced individuals who have made the world their platform to lie and deceive to hurt people believe it won’t impact their own lives.   I can’t wait for Theo to be put in his place; I just don’t know who is going to be the one to do it.

The body count of chimeras continue to grow this week, both Cory and a new chimera, Beth, are killed by the dread doctors.  Their next target is Hayden who has begun to demonstrate symptoms that she too is their failed experiment.  It almost seems that when they start secreting mercury, it draws the doctors to them.  Even Cory’s camouflage ability didn’t protect him from their ability to find him.  The dread doctors are by far Teen Wolf’s creepiest adversaries to date.  The way he killed Cory without even stopping and then shimmering away, it just gave me the creeps watching the scene.

I am always trying to pay attention to my where my pack is, and I thought about Lydia when Cory died.  I knew she was with Parrish trying to locate the Nemeton, and with two more dead chimera what was he going to do especially after  Lydia tells him that he is the one taking the bodies?  She believes him that he doesn’t know he’s doing it.  I think Lydia has something when she tries to convince him that he is not just taking the bodies, he is protecting the world from knowing about the supernatural.  He then tells her the rest of his dream that there are hundreds of dead bodies surrounding him.  I find it interesting that he locks himself up to protect everyone from him.  I think we are going to see that Parrish is the protector of keeping the supernatural a secret from society, maybe even an off branch of the druids.  I am still betting on a phoenix.

TW 5.9 Liam HaydenLiam doesn’t believe in Scott at this point in the season.  I think he is still hurt that Scott used Hayden as bait and that they both were captured because of it, so he is doing everything himself to protect Hayden. This season has been a break away for our young beta.  I find it so refreshing watching both Liam and Hayden.  Unfortunately he is in a similar place that Scott is. You can see that Liam is so overwhelmed with everything going on, but especially when it directly affects Hayden.   He is willing to try anything it takes to make sure Hayden is okay.  He takes on a dread doctor solo, though it’s a good thing Scott showed up to help him.  Unfortunately, the dread doctors accomplished what they wanted with Hayden.  They gave her mercury which is different from their regular method of killing their failed experiments.  I think we are going to discover that Hayden is actually the success. Teen Wolf 5.9 Hayden2 If you look at the other failed experiments.   They always killed them without hesitation.  Hayden is alive, and I am willing to bet she’s going to get stronger.  Another prediction — they will want her after the hiatus because she will be the successful experiment and she and Liam will go on the run.

In the here and now though, Liam begs Scott to make her a real werewolf after Theo suggests she might heal better. Again Liam will try anything to save her, so he pleads with Scott because only an alpha transform her, but Scott refuses to.  This comes directly after Scott confronts Stiles about killing Donovan.  Because of the turbulence, both being overwhelmed and the emotions running so hot, Scott and Stiles talk right past each other.  The second time watching was even more painful watching than the first.  I think the saddest part was when Stiles reaches out to Scott and he not only tells him to not worry about their friends, but all that Scott could offer his best friend is that  he should go talk to his Dad, come on Scott…really! Teen Wolf 5.9 Stiles

So we begin the last episode before the hiatus with Hayden dying, a huge rift between Scott and Stiles along with Scott and Liam. Parrish is locked away trying to protect others from him and what Stilinski is going to do when he talks with his son?  We know from the preview that Liam is considering killing Scott, probably to be able to make Hayden a werewolf himself.  All of this, and I am sure so much more on next week’s “Status Asthmaticus” this Monday at 10 PM /9 central.


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