SHIELD 3 castThe world has changed again, and certain people are not happy about it.

After the discovery of Inhumans last season, they’re about to spread across the world. The reaction to this will be swift, but not necessarily wise. Season three of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  started Tuesday night by centering on one new Inhuman’s plight, and how it changes everything.

The person in question is Jose “Joey” Guitierrez (Juan Pablo Raba), who suddenly has the ability to melt metals just after taking a certain type of fish oil tablets. He has the gene that activates his Inhuman powers when he’s exposed to that Kree powder from those Diviners that cracked in the ocean last May. Daisy Johnson, formerly known as Skye, does her best to calm Joey down after SHIELD saves him. With a new hairdo and new attitude, she’s establishing herself as a top SHIELD agent. SHIELD Laws of Nature A

Joey, of course, is not taking it well. In a tense meeting with Daisy and Mac, he melts a metal clipboard while Daisy shoves him with her kinetic powers. It’s interesting that the show reveals that he’s gay, and that he was at peace with himself after going public. Now he’s got a scarier secret to handle.

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Rosalind Price (Constance Zimmer) is also looking for Inhumans. It’s not known who she works for, but she considers them an alien version of Al-Queda and ISIS combined. Nothing scares her, since she’s able to change jobs, and names, at a moment’s notice. She does exchange some sharp banter with Coulson after she captures him at a SHIELD Laws of Nature Bsubway car. It’s almost like flirting except she’s trying to get the upper hand, not his heart.  In her mind, “the laws of nature have changed and until the laws of man change to reflect that, we can only do what we feel is right.” Sounds like another attempt at a “real SHIELD”.

We also get updates on some of the agents. Bobbi’s knee injury has sent her to the lab, where she can put her biology degree to good use. Agent May is gone (for now) and Simmons is still missing after the Kree rock swallowed her.

Bobbi and Hunter aren’t speaking to each other, but they eventually do when he gives her back her wedding ring. No, they’re not reuniting. Yet. He’s planning to find Grant Ward before he rebuilds HYDRA.

Fitz, meanwhile, is doing “research” in Morocco. He’s actually looking for a scroll that may reveal more info about the rock. He has a tense meeting with a guy named Hadad (Ido Mor). He gets punched a couple of times but is able to outsmart them with some fake splinter bombs. For a lab rat, he’s becoming a good field agent.

One person who doesn’t want to get involved is Dr. Lincoln Campbell, the electric Inhuman who’d rather be just SHIELD Laws of Nature Ca doctor. Daisy and Mac want Lincoln to help Joey get used to his new Inhuman status, but Lincoln would rather leave his powers behind. However, someone else is looking for Inhumans, and it’s a big nasty Inhuman named Lash (Matthew Willig) that can dissolve walls and hold off Lincoln and Daisy’s powers. It’s apparently killed other Inhumans, too.

Coulson and Hunter are able to escape, but the attack at the hospital convinces the President (William Sadler) to make a new task force to deal with the “alien threat”, and even uses Rosalind’s explanation to Coulson to justify it. It seems the threat also includes Ultron, since he mentioned Sokovia (from Age of Ultron). They’ve also denied that it’s due to an alien substance in the ecosystem, which is the truth. There’s some reason why Rosalind wants to turn Inhumans into a terrorist threat, and make sure SHIELD isn’t trusted…again. She’s already targeted Lincoln.

Fitz, meanwhile, discovers the scroll has just one word, “death” in Hebrew. He thought maybe Simmons was swallowed into a black hole with the rock as the door. Coulson says Fitz should just let Simmons go. She didn’t get transported, and she wasn’t shrunken into microscopic size (a reference to AntMan). It’s time to say goodbye, he says. Fitz thinks otherwise. He goes right up to the Kree rock and yells “Do something!!” It’s a painful scene to watch. Maybe we should all just say goodbye to Gemma Simmons?

Except for this…

SHIELD Laws of Nature E

She was transported, but where…and is someone chasing her?

It looks like SHIELD not only has to deal with new HYDRA, but a task force built by fear and a monster who may be stronger than both. Several websites suspect this is also the prologue to the next Captain America movie next Summer. Maybe in the battle over trusting super-heroes (or anyone super, period), some Inhumans will wind up getting caught in the crossfire–or starting it. We shall see.

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