Picture This! On the Red Carpet for “Reversion”

Join with photographer Eugene Powers at the red carpet premiere  of the new film Reversion,  written by and directed by Jose Nestor Marquez.

Spoiler-Free – Imagine if  you will, a tech mogul invents a device that can give happy yet false memories to people.  There’s always a price to pay, here it’s that the implant in the original testers went bad and people are now dying.  He even experimented on his own daughter (bad dad) but her implant is working fine.  Her “happy memory” is of her mother (you know that can’t bode well).  After being kidnapped by the one of original testers and getting all of the facts from original designer, the daughter discovers that her memory is false and … spoilers sweetie.  Go see the film to find out what happens next.

The cast includes Aja Naomi King of the TV Series “How to Getaway with Murder”,  Amanda Plummer of “Pulp Fiction” and Colm Feore of “Marvel’s Thor”.  Thanks to Distributor FLUENCY for inviting Eugene Powers. For more red carpet photos click here PhotographyByEugene

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