This week’s episode provides some much needed comic-relief from the first couple intense episodes of the season.  Although Beckett and Castle continue to have their issues, this episode moves forward into a new story and takes a step away from the murder drama of the Bracken-CIA mystery.


I wondered when the episode started how things were going to go with Beckett and Castle’s seemingly temporary separation of sorts.  I have to admit I was left feeling pretty disheartened after Beckett decided she couldn’t let go of things last week and told Castle she was taking a step away from him for awhile.  The murder mystery of the week involves a college student who was murdered and found in the woods.  Ryan and Esposito talk about how shocked they are about Castle and Beckett’s mini-break up; me too guys, me too.

maxresdefaultBeckett tells Lanie how she’s worried Castle won’t take her back after all this settles, but Lanie tells her Castle will always be there.  True, but none of us have to like them being apart!  This episode goes pretty old school, with Castle trying to insert himself into Beckett’s cases against her will.  Beckett basically wants Castle to be as far from her as possible for now, since Beckett knows all the CIA stuff she’s looking into could lead to Castle getting hurt.  So, him inserting himself into her cases isn’t really she wants right now.


Castle and Alexis weasel their way onto the campus of their John Doe to get the skinny as to who may have killed him.  Castle shenanigans ensue, including him and Alexis playing beer pong and later being locked up in a school prison experiment.  Maybe not the best parenting?  I can say I have enjoyed seeing Alexis playing a bigger role this season; Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn have a great father-daughter dynamic and it’s a nice change to see them partner up.


Despite her recent promotion to Captain, this episode confirms that Beckett isn’t going to be one of those stuck in the office all the time type Captains.  She is out in the field and doing what Beckett does best, helping solve cases.  This episode has its fair share of intimate moments between Beckett and Castle; fortunately for Caskett fans – the love is clearly still there between them and it will only be a matter of time before they are back together.  Castle and Beckett work best when they work together, and this episode proves that, when they solve the case together after Castle locks them in a prison cell and they put the puzzle pieces together.

Beckett reveals she is having second thoughts about all the secret investigating she is doing.  She thinks about letting it all go, but of course decides to continue with the investigation for now.  Nothing can be that easy!  Hopefully by mid-season Beckett will have figured out what she wants to figure out and things will be back to normal.

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