“Green Arrow”

Arrow’s fourth season premiere gives a clear message that the show we love is shifting and continuing to move Oliver along his path as a hero.  The Arrow is dead, long live the Green Arrow.


 Arrow S4-1 Oliver HappyAfter watching The Flash’s season premiere  the evening before and only feeling whelmed at best, I wasn’t sure what I was hoping for out of Arrow.  Out of the gate, I thought Arrow had more urgency.  It also dropped us into a story that had started with “the ghosts” attacking parts of the city.  We got to see the current Team Arrow at work, and we all saw the writing on the wall.   Still, tonight started with Oliver and Felicity living in suburbia while the rest of the squad continued to protect Star City.  The funny thing is I think Amell did a great job of making me believe Oliver Queen was perfectly fine never being the Arrow again, in fact he was genuinely happy.  I believed him when he was going on runs without having to run after people.  Felicity on the other hand was there to support her man, but also had her heart back with the rest of the team.  Part of who she is now, along with being CEO of Palmer Industries, is being the “Oracle” of Team Arrow.

Back in the city, Diggle  along with Speedy and Black Canary are Team Arrow.   Watching them reminded me of season 1 of Arrow.  Team Arrow S4Their fighting skills have really improved from last season, but you can see that both Thea and Laurel are still not at Oliver’s level. I have to say watching Thea was a highlight.  Ever since she was first called Speedy in season 1, I wanted her to be “Speedy,” but I honestly didn’t think the writers would do it.

One of my complaints from last night was how fast Oliver returned to the hood.   I wished they would have given us some time watching Oliver as a civilian, and then transition him to become Green Arrow.  Everything felt rushed, including his proposal to Felicity.  I get there have been months that has happened since last season, but as a viewer it’s like we missed their relationship.  One of the things I was proud of was John not automatically forgiving Oliver for what he did to Diggle’s family last season.  I was super pissed when it happened, and I am happy Oliver has to live with those consequences.  We all know that he and Diggle will hug it out (bromance style), but I hope it will take some time for Oliver to earn Diggle’s trust again.

damien-darhk-on-the-sceneThe 4th season big bad is Damien Darhk.  A very well organized super villain that currently is leading “the ghosts” in attacking Star City, killing their central leadership, and removing any hope from the people of the city.  He also introduces mysticism or maybe even magic into our DC CW universe.   I absolutely love Neal McDonough, and I can’t wait to watch him this season.  If tonight was a clear indication of his portrayal of Darhk, we are in a much better ride than last year with Ra’s.

As I mentioned before, I thought it was a little early, but I was so excited thatArrow-402-1-600x401 Oliver is embracing being a hero that does more than catch the bad guy.  He provides hope for those who don’t have any, and is being Star City’s light in its growing darkness.  It was so very fitting that Oliver finalized his own death of Arrow, but was reborn something better, someone nobler.  This season will hopefully bring Oliver becoming more of a mentor to Thea and Laurel.   Also, Oliver will definitely try to help Thea control the darkness within her after the Lazarus Pit experience.  If he hadn’t stopped her last night, she would have killed.  This season is going to be a wild ride, and I am looking forward to more of  what we saw last night and what is coming.  One last thing, really Lance, really?!  I knew that he had fallen last year, and was letting his anger control him when it came to the Arrow.  I am hoping his association with Darhk is some sort of deep cover.  We will see.

Join us next Wednesday as a new DC villain named Anarchy is introduced in “Candidate.”   Remember new Arrow episodes are on the CW on Wednesday nights at 8 pm/7pm CST.

Kiefer Knight

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