Everyone on The Originals is facing new challenges this season. The question is can they overcome these new challenges, or will they all fall?

*****Spoilers Below****

Davina is having to grow up very fast and she may not be ready for the responsibility that is on her shoulders. She used Hayley to take out a witch that attacked her. Things didn’t go so well for Hayley though, she was attacked by a lot of witches. The little wolf took out all of the witches and left a mass grave. Davina took this chance to get her people under her rule. The son of the witch that attacked her, see’s right through her and promises to erase her.

OG302a_0181bDavina doesn’t really have the stomach for this sort of thing. She tried to act all big in front of Marcel, but in private she balled her eyes out. Sure, there’s collateral damage, but this is a lot more than collateral damage. Does Davina have what it takes to be Regent?

Davina’s not the only that may be in over her head. Cami is following in her family’s footsteps and she discovers who the serial killer is, Lucien, which is who we all assumed last week. It’s Cami’s family’s past that is bringing Will into the supernatural. He doesn’t understand what’s going on yet, but he’s determined to uncover what’s really doing on.

OG302a_0153bWe will get to see Will learn about the supernatural world and I’m very excited to watch. Cami learned a lot in season one and she may be getting better at handling herself, but she’s still a human in a vampire, witch and werewolf world. That’s not an easy world to be in the middle of. I’m really enjoying her jumping into supernatural crime solving. She’s always been good at uncovering clues in the past and now she’s actually doing it to help the community.

The best part of the episode was Klaus and Hayley fighting. It was a pretty fair match up, an angry mother and a centuries old hybrid. At one point Klaus stopped fighting and that was because Hope was walking. We went from Hayley taking out her anger on Klaus to a beautiful and sad moment between mother and daughter. Hayley had missed so much of her daughter’s life. She wants more for Hope. Maybe now Hope can have it. It was such a beautiful juxtaposition from two hybrids fighting to a mother being reunited with her child.

Freya may be in the middle of Elijah and Klaus, but Elijah is in the middle of Hayley and Klaus. Elijah is trying to do what’s best for everyone, well, everyone but himself. Jackson and Hayley are starting their life together across the street from Elijah and Klaus. Klaus can still keep an ear on Hope to keep her safe, but they don’t have to live under his roof and rules. Hayley doesn’t trust Klaus and put Jackson’s name on the apartment, so Klaus can’t come in.


It will be hard to keep Hope safe with a feuding family and yes, Hope deserves better than this.

The Mikaelson’s have a bigger threat to deal with. Lucien’s witch’s vision was right. Elijah didn’t trust the source, so he asked Freya to look at the vision herself.

OG302a_0106bThe original family may not be as impenetrable to death as we thought. They are all destined for death and will go down: “One by friend, one by foe, one by family.” This sounds like a recipe for a cross over, seeing as if Klaus dies, everyone on The Vampires Diaries will die too.

We can take our guesses on who will kill who, but I think it’s Klaus or Elijah at this point that would kill one another. Those are the ones that seem most likely to be taken out by family at the moment. I say Klaus is the most likely to kill Elijah, but Elijah is pretty angry right now.

Who do you think will take out each of the Originals? Let me know in the comments below.

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