We are seeing the sire lines war take shape. The players are starting to gather and we are just getting to know them.

*******Spoilers Below ******

We’ve learned a lot about Klaus between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but clearly there is still a lot of know about him and how he became the hybrid he is today.

Lucien seems to have a lot to do with the murderous man Klaus has become. Lucien was also the first sired vampire.

The Originals -- "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans" -- Image Number: OG303a_0216.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Charles Michael Davis as Marcel and Tracy Ifeachor as Aya -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.This was a 1,000 years ago back before they even knew they could sire someone or that their blood healed wounds.

Klaus hasn’t always been murderous, but he seems to have always been good with the ladies. He was having an affair with Aurora. Lucien was infatuated with her and he was devastated when he found Klaus and Aurora kissing. Klaus was able to run away before the guards came, but Lucien was left there to be found and then tortured.

Klaus felt really bad for Lucien’s predicament and went to comfort him. What he found out was that his blood healed Lucien’s wounds. Lucien assumed he was like Klaus and went to take his revenge on Tristan, Aurora’s brother. He was not able to seek revenge and ended up dead. Klaus tried his best to revive him, but his blood didn’t work this time around. He was about to give him a proper burial by burning the body and then Lucien woke up.

Lucien went off on a killing spree and bonded with Klaus. This is where the Klaus we know was born. Klaus said to Elijah that they brought the worst out in each other and even made each other the men they are today.

With these Original vampires, I’m sure there are endless stories that can be told. This one goes way, way back. Now we just need to know how each of them sired their first vampires.

We also learned more about Lucien. He’s not the serial killer. At first it seemed like he could be because the victims were killed in the same way he was tortured by Tristan. It appears that Tristan is framing Lucien.

So Lucien has come to protect Klaus, and ,of course, Klaus doesn’t think he needs protecting, but as Lucien points out, his friends and family make him vulnerable. Elijah has a lot more vampires who have come to protect him. The first was Aya, who stormed into town to make Marcel an offer, to help him take back the city. Then Tristan came to discuss the sire-line war and Lucien.

It seems like the the sire lines are just trying to tear the siblings apart, but it seems to be patching things up between Klaus and Elijah or at least giving them a common purpose.

There’s a weapon out there that could kill them and they have to get their hands on it. Once Elijah almost killed Klaus, so you never know what could happen.

There are still more sired coming to town; Aurora is on her way.

I’m really enjoying Cami and Vincent working together. They may be in a bit over their heads, since the players in this mystery are 1,000 years old, but they are working through it. They have realized that it’s bigger than just the killings.

In TVD, Klaus was a villain, a good one, but he was just a villain. In The Originals he has many more layers. If we look at him through Cami’s eyes we see a broken boy. Then when we watch him save his daughter, we see a father that would do anything, maybe even go over board, to save her. He’s very hard to outsmart, but being feared and coming up with the best plans hasn’t exactly gotten him many friends.

Do you think one of the Originals will fall during this war? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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