These old vampires sure love their masked balls. Elijah’s sire line arrive in New Orleans and they hold an initiation that is disguised as a masked ball, but they couldn’t fool Elijah, he knew exactly what it was.

*******Spoilers Below ******

The Originals has definitely picked up the intensity this season. Marcel has proved himself time and time again, but this time he does it in epic fashion.

The Originals -- "A Walk on the Wild Side" -- Image Number: OG304b_0033.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Charles Michael Davis as Marcel and Riley Voelkel as Freya -- Photo: Annette Brown/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.Marcel was Elijah’s sire line’s latest recruit, but the hazing process was brutal. They don’t tell you what’s happening until you’re right in the middle. They took his daylight ring and he was tasked with the mission of discovering who took his ring and getting it back.

It seemed like an impossible mission with 1,000 year old vampires, but Marcel is quite smart and these vampires actually wanted Marcel to win.

They gave him hints about his opponent and he had a little help from Hayley.

I was getting very worried for Marcel. I was very afraid he was going to be Julie Plec’s next victim, but he out smarted the 1,000 year old vampires. Hayley bit him, so he would have werewolf venom in his blood stream and his opponent bit him, ending him.

That was a great twist and really made me love Marcel. He lost his city, but he’s become stronger for it.

The fate of the Mikaelson family is getting darker and darker. Lucien’s friend saw his demise, she saw Klaus’ demise and how it happens. For a moment we thought we were going to get to see how it goes down, but why would the writers give that away?

It’s a great twist, because if Klaus dies, everyone on The Vampire Diaries dies, too. Once again sounds like a great crossover opportunity. I’m sure Stefan, Damon and Caroline would like to help save themselves.

The Originals ran for a thousand years, they can probably over come this threat too, but it will certainly keep us on the edge of our seats.

This episode really had everything. Not only did we have a great fight scene that Marcel won, Klaus crashing the party with Lucien was great. We got to see Lucien clash with Tristan, which was almost like watching Klaus and Elijah fight. Last week we learned that Lucien and Klaus made each other and this week we learn that Tristan and Elijah made each other.

Not only did we get Klaus and Lucien crashing, we had Freya saving the day. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t want rescuing, but as Freya said, she was right about one thing, she is a Mikaelson.

We also got some great Elijah and Hayley scenes, but this is such a tease! We can’t really have them, while Hayley is still with Jackson. Are the writers trying to keep our hopes up? Or are they just torturing us?

We haven’t met the last of the sire vampires. Tristan’s sister has just arrived in town. Who sired Aura? Klaus? Rebekah? We know Klaus had a fling with her a 1,000 years ago. Whose side is she on?

Who do you think will takedown Klaus and how do you think it will happen? Can they overcome this treat? Let me know in the comments below.

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