Even though Nina Dobrev is gone, Elena’s spirit has been very much alive on the show. She’s the damsel in distress, yet again, but we may have said our last goodbye to her, for now.

*******Spoilers Below ******

Damon was all ready to swap Oscar for his girl, but as we knew from last week, Valerie killed Oscar. Kidnapping does not seem to be Damon’s forte.

He was supposed to be making the swap as he found Oscar’s body, so they had to go with plan B, Phoenix Stone.

TVD704B_0061b2Bonnie has brought quite a few people back from the dead. I think she’s forgotten about the first time she brought Jeremy back, he wasn’t on the other side. She’s becoming a pro at bringing people back from the dead. This was a little bit more difficult; she couldn’t just call on a bunch of dead witches, she had to do it herself and she had to find a spell.

While Bonnie was trying to find the spell to bring Oscar back, Stefan and Caroline were trying to distract Nora and Mary Louise from killing innocent college students.

I enjoyed getting to know Nora and Mary Louise better. Nora is fitting right into this century, while Mary Louise is having problems keeping up. Nora has discovered Pinterest and used it for her costume. Who knew that Heretics were on social media?

You think Heretics are scary, try being in the middle of their couple fight, hearts gets literally ripped out.

When Bonnie revived Oscar, Stefan and Caroline moved on to their problem. This time Stefan chose violence.

He kidnapped Mary Louise and threatened Nora. Then Caroline came up behind and Nora was left with no other choice but to siphon the vervain spell or burn to death.

After torturing Steroline fans, Stefan and Caroline got their kiss and so much more. Caroline being Caroline, was still very insecure about Valerie, so before they hit the bed, she had to voice her concerns.

Stefan eased her fears by saying: “You and I have had more history in the last five years than most people have in a lifetime.” She may not have been totally convinced, but Steroline have finally had sex with their emotions on.

Meanwhile, Damon was still having problems with his rescue plan. Apparently, Oscar is also a ripper or the stone had a bad side affect.

He killed a bus full of people on a ghost tour through Mystic Falls, but Damon was able to catch up with him and give him back to Lily.

Damon got his girl back and some motherly advice. Damon actually took this advice to heart and we got to see a little cameo of Tyler coming to retrieve Elena’s body.

Damon is finally writing everything down in a journal and he had some deep things to say: “I don’t know who I am without you… But as long as I’m with you, time will stand still.”

Elena has still been a big part of the show, but if Damon is letting her go, are we moving on from Elena Gilbert?

Damon may have to let his girl go to wait for her, but Alaric got his girl back.

We got to see Jo open her eyes at the end of the episode. When Bonnie brought her back, did she bring the twins back too? In the flash forward this week Alaric had creepy twin girls. Damon shows up at the door to warn him about impending danger.

I’m really not liking this future. No one is together and someone is after them.

Did Alaric make the right call bringing his girl back? Were you surprised Damon let go of Elena? Let me know in the comments below.

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