Each week we’ve been given a glimpse of the future, and this week we finally got to see Bonnie’s future and it’s about as grim as the others, but with a major surprise.


Did you ever imagine Bonnie and Enzo as a couple? Enzo has flirted with Caroline and he’s declared his feelings for Lily, but Bonnie, really? I didn’t see it, until maybe now.

After The Vampire Diaries gave us that flash forward of Bonnie and Enzo kissing, they definitely hinted at some tension between them in present day. So, okay, it could be possible, but I still don’t really like them together and don’t expect me to start shipping them anytime soon, if ever.

VD705c_0103bBonnie is also in a mental hospital. Is the choice that she’s talking about bringing a vampire back to life in Jo’s body? Or is there something else horrible about to happen?

We learned this week that the Phoenix Stone doesn’t bring back the dead, it restores the souls that are trapped in the stone, vampires’ souls. Julian being one of the trapped souls.

So let’s back up to last week for a minute, Alaric had twins, where did they come from? If Jo wasn’t brought back, then the babies couldn’t have been brought back, right? Now I’m very confused. Or is there a romance blooming between whoever is trapped in Jo’s body? This is all just very weird.

He told the mysterious person that she doesn’t have to go through it alone.

Despite Stefan, Damon and Valerie trying to stop Lily from being reunited with her long lost love, Lily and her family brought Julian back from the dead. How evil is this man? We know what he’s capable of, but what will he unleash now that he’s back? Will he get past Stefan and Damon when they try to put him down?

I can’t imagine Julian being back means anything good, seeing as the vision Bonnie saw was so bad. She’s getting on board with Damon’s plan. So much with him turning over a new leaf.

To be fair, he just found out his mother was the cause of Elena’s sleeping beauty state. I’m sure Bonnie isn’t thinking rationally about the situation either, seeing as she’ll never get to see her best friend again. If Lily couldn’t get anymore evil. She sure had her toughest face on this week when she caught Valerie and her sons trying to destroy her love’s body. I did not want to mess with her in that moment.

Did Caroline make a huge mistake by letting Stefan spend the day with Valerie? Seeing as we already know their relationship is doomed, which I’m very mad at the writers for, I guess it doesn’t make a difference. One way or another, our current favorite couple will be ripped apart. My hope is only that fast forward three years, they can work it out and get back together, but I’m probably asking for too much.

Stefan just found out he could have been a dad and his first reaction is to kill Julian. He clearly still has feelings for Valerie. That doesn’t bode well for Steroline. Their relationship doesn’t seem to be lasting long, but whatever Stefan does, it’s got to be big to make Caroline never want to talk to him or hear his name again.

What do you think about Bonzo? Are you shipping this couple yet? How do you think Alaric ends up with twins in the future if Jo isn’t back? Let me know in the comments below.

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