SHIELD 3 castIt’s always heartbreaking when a couple who have a lot of love to share break apart for one reason or another. It’s especially true in action shows, including this one.

Morse and Lance, who used to be married, are struggling with their feelings for each other, although it’s clear he still loves her. Fitz and Simmons are trying to reconnect after she was sent to that blue planet, but a guy named Will, who she’s trying to save, is right in the middle.

But who would have guessed the reason Melinda May broke up with ex-hubby Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood)  is because he turned into a modern day Jekyll and Hyde?

As we found out last week, Garner is really Lash, the Inhuman bent on killing off others like him, but this week we learned more about what he thinks is his mission. It’s a contrast to Rosalind Price’s mission to keep Inhumans in check by keeping them in stasis.

It all stems from six months ago, when May and Garner were happy in Maui. While she admits they may not get back together, she does admit she doesn’t want to go back to work right away. However, he’s got items from the Inhumans’ items from Afterlife. One of them is a book Jiaying had that listed all the Inhumans. It had terrigens on it to kill whoever opened it. As we found out, though, it didn’t kill Garner. It made him worse.

He’s still using his status as an adviser to keep an eye on Inhumans. He’s found out that Gutierrez (Juan Pablo Raba), the guy who melted metals, can now change the form of any object, like turning a file cabinet into a ball. That’s impressive, but it can also be used to destroy.SHIELD Chaos Theory C

May found out about what Garner is from Werner Von Strucker, and eventually she confronts Garner about it. He loses his cool, and kidnaps her. He tries to explain he’s just killing the “bad ones” and his new form compels him to do it. He still loves May, and hopes she believes that.

Mac and Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) also figure out Garner is Lash, only because Lincoln figured out Garner was the only one who had the items from Afterlife.

Meanwhile, Daisy is very reluctant to believe Rosalind’s (Constance Zimmer) claim that her ACTU wants to cure Inhumans. They even talk about this issue. While Daisy is in favor of observing them, Rosalind still thinks they are a danger. After all, does Daisy know what she can really do, and control her power? Daisy is also worried Coulson and Rosalind are getting a bit too close, and it seems sparks are flying between them.

SHIELD Chaos Theory FCoulson does find May and Garner, but when Daisy and Lincoln close in, he turns back into Lash, claiming that he’s the cure for the Inhumans. He shoves Lincoln around despite his electric powers, but Rosalind makes the mistake of shooting Lash. It looks like she’ll fall to her death, until Daisy saves her. It looks like maybe Rosalind will start appreciating some Inhumans.

May risks her life when she puts herself between Lash and Lincoln. This is May at her finest, saying that she never knew why he married her, but also admitting she lost something when she left him. He turns back into Garner, just in time for her to shoot him and put him in a containment unit. Coulson asks how she knew it would not kill him. She says she didn’t. That’s a scene that really tears your heart out, and Ming-Na Wen and Underwood played it beautifully.

SHIELD is forced to put Garner in stasis until the ACTU can find a cure. May reluctantly agrees to this, but fans can see the heartbreak in her eyes, especially when we see a flash back to one last tender moment between them from six months ago.

Fitz finally got a chance to look into Simmons’ phone when she was at the blue world. While he’s bugged seeing herSHIELD Chaos Theory E with Will, he really feels for her when she describes what’s happening with her, and recalling how they met. He also discovers the logo from the castle chamber in Puerto Rico from the middle of season two is similar to Will’s mission logo shown upside down. So, are the guys behind that mission also connected with that chamber? If so, NASA has a lot of explaining to do.

The big shocker comes at the end, when we see Ward talking to Malick (Powers Boothe) about Werner, and how they plan to destroy SHIELD by killing Coulson. Then Malick gets a phone call….from Rosalind Price.

Well, that means #Coulsalind is doomed.

Does that mean she’s HYDRA, or is she just loyal to Malick?

It was an interesting transition episode leading up to what’s coming next week. There seemed to be too much foreshadowing, though. For example, Garner told Simmons she was right to tell Fitz what happened at that blue planet because “secrets can eat you up inside.” Also when Morse and Lance talk about how he got careless in trying to capture Ward, she says she didn’t want to lose him, or what they are, because the need for revenge could turn them into monsters.

Well, the real monsters seem to be humans that are inhuman, including one who’s got Coulson around her finger. Some of them, including Ward, plan to strike against SHIELD next week.

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