This weeks episode of Once Upon A Time was actually a double feature with two episodes shown back to back. The two episodes didn’t seem to have much in common, but we did learn some important new things from the episodes.  It seems the Dark One is now actually the Dark ONES!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Charming immediately confronts Arthur about trying to destroy the crimson crown; of course he runs away and Hook gives chase.  As Arthur is about to give it to Hook with his current replacement sword, Emma shows up to save the day with the reunited Excalibur.  Hook says he’s sorry about what he said on his ship; Emma is still keeping her secrets but does let slip that she’s doing all of this for Hook.  Seriously?  All of this Dark Swan drama because of something that happened with Hook?! Ugh. So anticlimactic.

960These last couple episodes have been so Hook heavy.  I wish that Emma would have some more interactions with her parents while in her current dark state, but it looks like the writers are satisfied with this continuing to be the Hook show.

Hook flings himself off a roof in present Storybrooke to get Emma’s attention.  Seriously?  Possibly offing yourself to get your girlfriend’s attention?  Not cool.  Turns out the onion rings Emma gave Zelena last week ended up in some freaky excelerated pregnancy; she’s now in labor – anything can happen on TV apparently.

recaps-once-upon-a-time-02In the battle to free Emma’s family, Hook ends up getting cut by Excalibur.  Emma and Regina have a great scene in Camelot where Regina asks Emma to break down her walls.  It looks like they are getting somewhere, but Hook and the Charmings beat them to the punch.  Dark Swan kidnaps Zelena and I’ve gotta say Zelena’s one liners this season give me life.  She is so hilarious.

It turns out instead of saying the Dark One this season, we should have been saying the Dark Ones!  Emma used dark magic to save Hook and he was also imbued with darkness, despite his wishes to let him die.  So ends the first of the two episodes this week, it’s hard to see how the second could ever follow that action packed first episode!

la-et-st-once-upon-a-time-birth-the-bear-king-20151116At this point, the Brave story arc seems a little misplaced this season.  I like Merida’s character well enough, but I’m just not seeing how it really ties in.  Apparently Merida’s dad made a deal with some shady witch and now she’s going to have to clean up his mess.

The best thing to come out of the second episode is the return of Mulan and Ruby.  I’m interested in seeing where the story goes for those two.

What did you think of the double header episodes this week?  Comment below!

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