Could Damon and Stefan actually have a relationship with their mother? Thanksgiving may be a turning point for the Salvatore family.

*******Spoilers Below**********

When Stefan invited their mother for Thanksgiving, I was just as confused as Damon was. Why was Stefan making a truce with his mother and why was he suddenly thinking Valerie lied. Well, it looks like Stefan was taking a play out of Damon’s book, because the next thing we know, Lily is drinking vervain and passing out.

Stefan knew he was going to have to do this the hard way. Damon was enjoying his brother’s duplicity very much and so was I. That may not usually be Stefan’s style, but it was great.

Since Lily got introduced we’ve learned even more about the Salvatore brothers and this week’s episode was a good look back at what they were like as a family. Lily isn’t who we thought she was. She’s not blinded by all men, just Julian.

To be fair she was in the 1800s when she was alive, so what could she really do with a drunk husband back then?

Damon has really gone back to his old ways. He tried to kill his mother and Julian all in one fell swoop, but we got to see him more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him. His mother really did a number on him and he’s not interested in finding out what really happened or giving her a second chance.

It’s amazing to see new layers of Damon after all of this time. We knew that sexy and bad Damon was coming back this season, but we are getting even more from him.

Caroline fought being pregnant the entire episode, but I knew she was. It totally made sense last week when Valerie said it, since we all know Candice King is pregnant. It made sense to write it in to the show. This is a supernatural show, so anything can happen.

I’m finding it very hard to continue to hate Valerie. I want to hate her because she’s the thing that’s coming between Steroline, but I actually kind of like her. She’s tough, yet vulnerable. It’s also very handy to have someone to siphon the compulsion out of people.

On the Steroline note, we had no Steroline scenes this week. We better get a nice one in the next episode.

The writers are definitely setting up the Enzo and Bonnie relationship. I think Bonnie may even be starting to fall for him now, she’ll try to stop herself for a while, but she’s clearly into him.

We’ve had a lot of great fight scenes over the years but the duel between Enzo and Julian was great. It wasn’t really suspenseful, it was more funny that they were both fighting over Lily. I mean Enzo can do so much better than Lily an Julian was being careless because he was linked to Lily.

The fight did finally make Lily see what kind of man she’s with. It’s about time Lily opened up her eyes. Damon can’t fault her there though, he did pine over Katherine for years.

We have a new weapon we should be worried about, one that works with the Phoenix Stone. I wish Enzo never tried to use the sword on Julian. They may still have it in their possession if he didn’t, but no, he had to pull it out and now Julian has it.

Are you happy Stefan and Damon are starting to patch things up with their mother? Are you starting to accept Enzo and Bonnie yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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