Things really hit the fan last week when master evildoer Theo Galavan (James Frain) finally captured his mortal family enemy, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). This week, we shall see if he really does kill him (even though we ALL know he won’t because Bruce Wayne must go on to become Batman, so thus all actual tension is gone from this scenario). Anyways, let us get to it.


bffsAlfred (Sean Pertwee) barely escapes from the clutches of Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), hiding out in a junkyard. As he does this, Theo states his grand plans for the fiftieth time now. He is of Dumas and he wants to build an empire and the Waynes are his enemy blah blah blah. Unluckily for him, Jim (Ben McKenzie) wakes up from a Barbara (Erin Richards) fever dream to join forces with a singing Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed (Cory Michael Smith) and finally take down Theo. I am all for this!

silverSilver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind) is given a ridiculous task by the world’s worst uncle. He wants her to make Bruce “fall in love” with her again before the killing ceremony. WHY? Tabitha actually defends Silver, but Silver must follow through. So, she goes to visit Bruce in his cell. Don’t fall for it Bruce!

LeeeLee (Morena Baccarin) is mad at Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) for putting out an arrest warrant for Jim. Lee, just get with all of us in realizing that Barnes is the dumbest, worst police captain of all time. Barnes calls Jim a son to him, yet still doesn’t give him a shred of loyalty. Ed overhears Lee’s plight and tells her where Jim is. Lee visits Jim and is not happy about all his plans with Penguin. She reveals she is pregnant too, so Jim decides to leave it all behind and go with her!

bruceySilver and Bruce continue chatting in his cell. Bruce says his favorite animal is an owl. Okay, lies! His favorite animal is obviously a bat, duh! Silver suddenly can’t take it anymore and decides to “break Bruce out.” She shoots a guard and they run down a hallway, but easily get caught. Bruce sees through it all though and tells her he doesn’t love her, he pities her. HA! Good on ya, Brucey!

jim boy

Lucius Fox (Christopher Chalk) comes into the GCPD with concerns that Bruce and Alfred were abducted. How does Barnes react? With immediate doubt and asking for proof. Is he serious?! He lives in effing Gotham and finds it so hard to believe everything. He is the worst and should be fired! Even after they find Alfred, Barnes still doesn’t buy his story about Theo. What in the world?! Luckily, Harvey, Fox, and Alfred all decide they have to do something and Ed overhears, yet again, telling them where Jim is (in a fun Riddler-esque way).

Jim and Lee are about to leave Gotham in their not-weather-appropriate convertible, but Harvey, Fox, and Alfred show up just in time for Jim to hop out of the car and piss off Lee. She tells him to just do what he thinks is best and then drives off. The team gets ready for an assault. Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) joins in and it’s general merriment all around. This is a fun bunch of angry people! They march dramatically towards Theo’s place as the “death to Bruce” ritual begins.

ritualBruce tells Silver that he loves her and forgives her in front of Theo, just for her benefit. Deep down, he is a good guy who knows Silver is just trapped. So, I applaud Bruce for that behavior. The ritual begins and the weird monks start preaching “Death to the Son of Gotham.” HA, this is ridiculous.

harveyJim and co. arrive just as Silver tries to stop the ritual. Selina takes out a lot of grown men and fighting ensues all over. Theo, Tabitha, and Silver escape to the top of the building. There are only two parachutes to escape. Theo tells Silver she isn’t going, but instead, Tabitha knocks out Theo and the two women escape. Good for you, Tabi! Jim arrives to arrest Theo and almost shoots him in the head when the idiotic Barnes finally shows up and tells Jim to stop. Before Jim can lay down his gun, Penguin bursts in, knocking out Barnes. I’ve never applauded more in my life!


As Alfred, Bruce, and Selina casually walk out of the scene of the fighting (what?), Penguin and Jim take Theo to the lake in front of Gotham. Penguin badly beats up Theo before Jim stops him and shoots Theo dead himself. Uh, oh, Jim is bad now. Penguin sticks his umbrella down Theo’s throat. It is all very dramatic!


Sometime later, Jim visits Lee at some garden and proposes to her in the least romantic way of all time. Meanwhile, Theo’s umbrella stuffed body is brought to the secret labs underground that Wayne Enterprises owns. Somebody named Peabody is going to be excited about this. And then later, it looks like Mr. Freeze has arrived in Gotham. Things are going to get chilly!

What did you guys think of the episode? It was a bit dramatic and all over the place, but I must say I am satisfied that Theo is (hopefully) done and the whole “kill Bruce for family revenge” plot is over. It was stupid and had no dramatic tension because we knew Theo would fail. Hopefully, the next eleven episodes will bring us back to Bruce discovering who killed his parents and figuring out his identity. And are you excited about Mr. Freeze’s arrival? Let me know in the comments below.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox. Watch full episodes on, Hulu Plus and On Demand (check with your local cable provider).

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