This week was The Flash/Arrow crossover uniting both teams and introducing a number of new characters that will be regulars in Legends of Tomorrow.  We finally got introduced to not only Hawkgirl and Hawk Man but more importantly, Vandal Savage.


the-flash-2x08-promo-legends-of-today-hd-crossover-event-mp4_20151118_035138-302It was awesome to see that all of the hype that CW has put into these episodes paid off in spades. Even though Teams Arrow and Flash coordinate together and even guest on the The-Flash-and-Arrowother’s show, never before has the two teams been more Team Flarrow.  While the reason to combine forces felt a little forced, the story played out flawlessly, compelling both teams to operate as one giving what I hope will be the same dynamics in Legends of Tomorrow.

Barry and Oliver continue to have that playful brotherly relationship, this was best shown when both teams celebrate together at Oliver and Felicity’s.  There were so many gems over the last couple of nights, though most of them took place in The Flash’s “Legends of Today.” It was good to have a lighter side while focusing on the mission at hand, namely protecting Kendra and stopping Vandal Savage.  It was really fascinating to watch Savage react and prepare to fight Team Flarrow.

The two-parter had a few flaws that I wanted to overlook, but couldn’t, and both really focus on Oliver.  On The Flash he seemed to regress a little, his brood returned, and for no reason.  At one point, third season Arrow returned in attitude while later, Oliver told Barry he could call him for any help.  Also in Arrow there was far too much of Oliver and his ex and son.  While I am betting the son is the one who dies and who’s grave we see Oliver and Barry at in the first episode, but did it need to happen during the crossover which was supposed to focus on heroes that join forces NOT Arrow’s version of 90210.  It would have been much more entertaining watching the dynamics of the two teams focus on defeating Savage.

VandalSavageThe writers did a phenomenal job making Savage even more than just a big bad.  He was a conquering general or sage in several historical events that dealt with carnage and war.  It was very cool to connect Savage to the Hawks and gives another point for them being selected for Legends of Tomorrow.

Arrow -- "Legends of Yesterday" -- Image AR408A_0027b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders and Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall -- Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


This crossover was a great way to introduce Hawk Man into this universe. His mission is to protect and love his soulmate, Chay-Ara, who later becomes Hawkgirl.  While most of the watchers have seen storylines like this one, it was the first in the Flarrow universe; it will be cool to see how this will play out.

One of the things that was shared was that these crossovers have to be larger than life episodes, there has to be a reason to connect the two teams, and this was accomplished in battling the immortal,
Savage.  His brute force combined with his mystical powers combined with his experience made him a very formidable enemy to watch try to kill the Hawks and destroy Team Flarrow.  I was actually surprised that they apparently killed Savage, which we know won’t stand.  I can’t help but also wonder with the last scene, if this was all one huge ruse that Malcolm played for whatever plans he had set forth with Savage’s return.

Overall The Flash’s Team Flarrow Squad 1Legends of Today” seemed much more entertaining and satisfying than Arrow’s “Legends of Yesterday.”  While both worked very well together, the huge buildup left me a little wanting more.  Maybe that was the plan, making us want January 21st to be here already for the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow.  I am sure next week’s Flash will take the next step with the new show focusing around Captain Cold and Heatwave.  Midseason finales for both The Flash on Tuesday night and Arrow on air Wednesday night, both at 8pm/7central.

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