The Originals is killing it this season. It just keeps getting better. If you aren’t tuning into this season you are missing a lot.

*** Spoilers Below ***

As great as the season is, I have to take a moment and express how mad I am at the writers for killing Cami off. She’s been having a stellar season. She’s been so tough. She’s been fighting every step of the way and helping Klaus find himself.

OR309b_0201bWe finally got a Klami kiss. This is something I’ve been waiting for and the storyline has been slowly leading up to this. Klaus was finally happy. He was finally choosing love. It was amazing and then Aurora had to go and kill her.

Why, writers, why? I see that this pushes Klaus on to seek revenge, but I don’t see why you had to kill her. There was already enough motivation for the Mikaelsons to go after the Strix.

I’ve been saying that Jackson has to deal with helping the Mikaelson family because they are family and he finally got the memo.

I don’t know if it was because Freya was the one that was in danger or what. Seeing as she’s the only sort of human out of the family, but Jackson finally jumped in the fight.

OR309b_0042bThe writers were giving me a scare with Freya, but she wasn’t the one to go this time, thankfully.

Freya was no where near her full strength and she still pulled through to save her sister. It was amazing how this family came together to save Rebekah.

Hayley was almost dead too. Rebekah was about to pull out her heart. These characters can heal, but having a hand on your heart must be the most painful thing in the world. I would never want to experience that and these characters experience that countless times.

It was a very intense mid-season finale and then they had a really nice family Christmas. It was so sweet to have all of them together and burning their wishes. It was a complete family, well, I guess not completely complete. They are still missing Kol and Finn.

Marcel is having a great season. He’s a great double agent and he’s making some great moves. He motivated Vincent to take the Regent position. All was about to be right at least with the witches, but Tristan had a plan up his sleeve, Finn. Does that mean Finn is coming back in Vincent’s body or will Vincent make a deal?

Before we got our heart ripped out with Cami being dead, we saw Rebekah beg Elijah to dagger her. Apparently she wasn’t saved. They didn’t have time to try the spell again, so this was the only way to protect her and everyone else.

Rebekah and Elijah have some of the best moments together. This was one of their best, as heartbreaking as it was.

When The Originals returns on January 29th, this old family is moving to Friday nights. And Klaus is on a mission to revenge Cami’s death.

Are you devastated that Cami died and especially after Klaus and Cami finally kissed? How sad were you when Rebekah begged Elijah to dagger her? Let me know in the comments below.

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