I’ve always liked how fierce Cami was. I’ve liked how she loved Klaus, despite how dark he is. She saw the good in everyone. She saw hope in everything. Now, everything has turned to darkness.

***** Spoilers Below ******

While I’ve loved Cami, I am really loving her character now. Just like I loved Elena when she turned her emotions off and when Caroline turned her’s off. But Cami hasn’t turned her emotions off, she’s transitioning.

OR311a_0109bHayley went through darkness when she transitioned, too. I’m sure it didn’t help that she had to fake her baby’s death.

Is this the person Cami is turning into or is it just her process? She’s learning how to do everything much quicker than any vampire I’ve seen. She’s compelling people, she’s going super fast and she figured out the one thing that can kill the Mikaelsons.

She’s always been smart, but her smarts have been heightened now. Could Cami be an enemy for the Original family?

This is not a twist I saw coming. As much as I want Cami and Klaus together, I’m looking forward to the direction the show is going. Evil Cami is fun Cami.

If Cami having fun wasn’t enough, we got Davina, Josh and Kol back. We may even get Kol back for good.

Davina has always been a valuable witch. It doesn’t matter if she’s in a coven or flying solo, she’s always wanted by someone.

This time the Strix want her. If she agrees to be apart of their coven, she will have the power to get Kol back. There was never any question on if she would take their deal. She’s been desperately seeking a way to get him back. Not even Kol himself telling her to find another way will make her miss this opportunity.

OR311b_0018bWe got introduced to a cool new witch this week, only to see her die. I was intrigued by Ariane from the very beginning. For whatever reason, she didn’t out Marcel. He’s a double agent and we all know it. As powerful as she is, she knew that too.

Could it be because they have a shared goal of keeping Elijah safe? Or could she have other motives? We may never know now.

She saw the weapon that will kill the Mikaelsons and she saw everything they have been through, so she had to die. Not before she saved Davina. It’s such a shame. She’s a powerful witch. I would have liked to seen more of her.

Marcel just got Davina out of one coven and now he has to save her from the other. I think he has his hands full, but he will always protect her.

Josh just told Davina to take the deal and now he’s going to Marcel to help save her. Does he have some sort of plan? He could have convinced her not to take the deal.

Maybe Josh is trying to find the best of both worlds. He wants his best friend to get her guy back and he wants to save her. Marcel has saved her countless times before, whether she wanted it or not. I’m sure he’ll come through again.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that the weapon to kill the Mikaelsons was right inside their very home? It seems like they are destined to be doomed. There was so much truth to Hayley’s words when she said loving them is a death sentence.

Of course, in Haley’s case, she’s in love with Elijah and anyone else that loves her gets caught in the web.

Are you enjoying this new Cami? Should Davina take the deal? Let me know in the comments below?

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