Even though Scott’s pack is back together, maybe even stronger than before, the Beast of Gévaudan  continues its attacks, while Parrish tries to tap into his Hellhound persona. Team Scott continue to try to protect Beacon Hills and find out who the beast is.

**** Spoilers Below ****

vlcsnap-2016-02-17-18h34m00s235The last couple of weeks have been most excellent for Teen Wolf and this week doesn’t slow down at all, with Parrish reaching out to Team Scott and, even the Argents, to help him better understand his other nature that takes over at night.  The last couple of episodes have made the battles between him and the beast an expected event.  To watch Parrish try to make sense of how his life is only really half his was really interesting.  Also, to comprehend that he’s really the only chance Beacon Hills has at defeating the Beast of Gévaudan is very sobering.

Even in the midst of werewolves, chimeras, and other shapeshifters, the are still humans very resourceful.  Mason is becoming the second generation Stiles, figuring out the patterns in how he, and later the team, believe the dread doctors are manipulating the beast.  Even scarier is that tonight revolved around the pack believing the charity lacrosse game would be the next attack. Unfortunately, even though Scott and his friends try to stop the dread doctors, even try to get the game forfeited, there simply seems to be too many enemies that surround them.  The desert wolf shows up attacking Malia at the game and the beast follows quickly after, but more on that in a bit.

6_e3e4f55c64Kira began to lose control again, and Scott came to her aide to help protect Kira from her kitsune, unfortunately that also meant that Scott is present when the beast arrives, leaving Liam to try to defend both teams alone.  In fact, we see Liam try to stop the beast, and later we see the beast continues to ravage the crowd, but we don’t know what happened to Liam.

While somewhere completely different, Parrish and Lydia, with the help of the Argents, try to communicate with the hellhound.  This was a pretty trippy scene forcing the creature into consciousness. One of the aspects this show has in spades is connecting the supernatural with humanity, without Parrish’s humanity its existence doesn’t care about people, TW 5.17 CT - Lydia Parrishonly the eternal battle against the Beast of Gévaudan.  We also get the impression that the man of Gévaudan, the beast’s original host is clawing his way into existence thereby overtaking the current host.  With that, I am calling that the Beast of Gévaudan is the Desert Wolf even though ScoTeen_Wolf_Season_5_Behind_the_Scenes_Crystal_Reed_as_Marie_Jeanne_Valettt’s team is looking for a teenager.

Trying to piece together who it could be, and she appears at a random game to fight Malia, I don’t think so. The kitsune is battling to once more come out, to battle and again to exist.  The kitsune, like the hellhound, doesn’t care about people, they simply want to battle to become stronger even at the cost of the hosts.  For both Kira and Parrish, their links to humanity were able to bring them back.  Scott and Lydia reclaimed their dominance over both the hellhound and the kitsune, moving with the theme of this episode.

Tonight is the first part of a two-parter, we have to wait till Tuesday to find out what happened to Liam and how Parrish will be able to deal with the Beast of Gévaudan differently.  Finally, an old friend will be returning in a very different way.

Crystal Reed returns in a guest appearance this coming week on Teen Wolf  this Tuesday at 9 pm/8pm central on MTV.

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