The Beast of Gévaudan was released at the lacrosse game last week, and this week is about Scott and his pack protecting the spectators. Meanwhile Argent tell Lydia the history of the beast and the hunter who killed it back in the 18th century.  That hunter brings back veteran Teen Wolf actress Crystal Reed, who plays the maid of Gévaudan.

**** Spoilers Below ****

Teen-Wolf-Season-5-Episode-13-Codominance-The-Beast-of-GevaudanIt is clear that this week was about survival.  The beast came to kill every person at the charity lacrosse game.  Last week we saw Liam go toe to toe with it, and this week the opening scene was Hayden and Stiles carrying Liam in, very badly injured with claw marks. Whatever the fight entailed, several people were able to run and hide in the school with the beast following to finish what it started. A good part of this episode is Scott being beaten by the beast, but yet never stopping trying to slow down it’s advance to give the most people the best chance to escape.  Not only was it good to see Scott at full strength, but it was good to see him be the protector that he has grown into.  I don’t think it was about Scott believing he could beat the Beast of Gévaudan; for Scott it was keeping as many people alive as possible.

After last week’s revelation for Parrish, he believes the best thing for everyone is for him to leave Beacon Hills.  Before Lydia is able to talk some sense into him, she is presented with a different opportunity from Gerard Argent.  He shares with Lydia the tale of the maid of Gévaudan, who killed the beast generations ago, and who became the first hunter in the Argent legacy.  A good part of this episode is focused on this tale with Crystal Reed portraying the maid of Gévaudan, the first time she has been on Teen Wolf since Alison died back in season 3.

The tale is one of a lady learning to believe in the supernatural world, and learning to use 162302-news-teen-wolf-crystal-reedher natural skills of hunting animals to become a Hunter.  Gerard, and even Chris Argent, believe that Lydia, like the maid, can kill the beast.  The point of Gerard sharing the tale was in order for Lydia to believe that this is something she not only can do, but must do. The tale itself was no surprise.  The young woman gets entangled into an adventure of trying to kill a beast who is slaughtering their village.  After facing off against the Demon
Wolf (Beast of Gévaudan), another comes to her aide teaching her about those things which are most effective against supernatural monsters, like mountain ash.  In true Teen Wolf style, there was no surprise the beast was her own brother whom she had to kill, and that at the end of the history lesson, she marries into the Argent family beginning the hunter lineage within the Argents.

Scott Red EyesIt is obvious that both Argents believe Lydia can defeat the Beast of Gévaudan.  But she believes that in order to defeat it, it will require Parrish Hellhound to be part of the fight, and she takes off to find him.  Interestingly enough and to give merit to Lydia, while Scott was able to slow down the beast at the high school, not even a true alpha was able to overpower it alone.  Fortunately for him and everyone hiding at the high school, Braeden and Liam came to Scott’s assistance with Malia, as well.  Even with Crystal’s return, the best scene was that of Scott, Liam and finally Braeden making the Beast of Gévaudan withdraw from the school. Or so they thought. With the pack having one extraordinary lead, Scott has the scent of the beast which leads to Mason’s vehicle. No, the beast is not Mason but the Beast of Gévaudan is someone Mason is spending much time with, Corey, who then kidnaps Mason, cloaking them away from Scott, Stiles and Liam.

So I was wrong about the beast being the Desert Wolf, but she is out there, as well, along with the dread doctors, who continue to pull the strings with the Corey/Beast. And we can’t forget Theo’s pack even if it does get smaller by the week.  Never have there been so many enemies for Scott and his pack to face down.  It’s a good thing they have lots of friends and allies backing them.

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