The whole season comes down to this episode.  Malia battles her mother and Scott and Liam go after the beast. Meanwhile, there are a number of double crosses with various characters this season.  Teen Wolf’s season 5 finale starts now.

**** Spoilers Below ****

Teen_Wolf_Season_5_Episode_20_Apotheosis_Parrish_on_fireBoth Argents and Parrish continue their pursuit of the beast as Sebastian leaves a steady body count in his path including some of our favorites like Stilinski, Hayden, her sister, and Lydia.  Sebastian is nearly unstoppable with Mason’s memories and the beast’s raw power.   He truly is the villain of villains for this season, with Theo following close behind.  It’s interesting, Sebastian is evil incarnate while Theo only continues to gain power by betraying each member of his pack and, even, Deucalion.

Tonight, each of Scott’s pack contributed with so many wanting to their various evil agendas met, not eventeen-wolf-finale-1 caring about the big picture.  Maybe that is what we as viewers can take away from this season; after all, Theo, the Desert Wolf and the dread doctors each had their goals.  If there is a criticism, it’s that they all get resolved in one episode.  Personally, it would have been good to see some of the storyline’s conclusions staggered a little.  It would have been easy to have wrapped up the Desert Wolf storyline three episodes ago… leaving the Beast and Theo for this episode.

As mentioned before, this episode also had several plans that Scott put into action finalize as well.  From Deucalion and Scott’s team up against Theo to Argent’s double cross of Gerard, I was very happy to see that Scott and Deucalion were working together.  This wasn’t a e7243e58c034960a5fa562e9fc57c2d7surprise at all. In fact, Deucalion’s portrayal last week was disturbing. I am glad Scott’s not going up against him again.  No one trusted Gerard or Theo, for that matter, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination.

The focus of the second half of this season was bringing Scott’s pack back together again, stronger and this episode demonstrated their “never say die” attitude even when all seemed loss with Mason and then Lydia, as well as Hayden.   Scott, Stiles, Liam, Malia, Kira… none of them gave up on themselves or in the belief that they can rescue Mason.  Screen-Shot-2016-03-10-at-9.11.34-PM-e1457667803754The final battle with Sebastian/The Beast did in fact save Mason, separating him from the beast and then allowing Hellhound Parrish to battle him to a standstill allowing Scott the final blow.  After long last, most of the dread doctors were beaten, the Beast killed, and Theo defeated, even the Desert Wolf was bested.

Scott has shown real maturity this second half of the season in not only being a friend, but a leader to the younger members of his pack.  Again and again this was shown, he is to them what Deaton, Argent, Stilinski and Melissa have been to each of the older kids.  It will be interesting to see what happens now that Corey and werewolf Hayden have joined the pack, leaving only Stiles and Mason as humans. There almost seems like two squads in one pack.

Again a critique of this season is that the tearing apart and bringing back teen-wolf-12345together of the pack was a majority of the season, but there wasn’t a battle royal where it felt that they had to have each other’s backs.  Instead, it felt like several battles that were extreme, but still solo. To be honest, I was hoping there would be a giant fight between our pack and the villains of this season.  Overall, Scott’s team is stronger than where they began this season with two new members, and one AWOL.  Kira returned to ladies in the desert to fulfill a promise to them in order to help Scott defeat Theo, but we will see how soon Kira returns in season 6.

Speaking of, season 5 has been a wild ride for our pack and their friends! And now the long wait until season 6, until then…

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