Sometimes you have to take the fall, for the greater good.

That’s what Barbara Morse and Amadeus Ravensclaw “Lance” Hunter did when a mission to Moscow led to an unfortunate end to their spy careers.

A lot of viewers will miss them, especially their sharp banter and spy skills. The crew at SHIELD certainly will. Though, some think after SHIELD closes the door on them, someone else will open the window to a possible spin-off.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

It’s always great to see Bobbi and Lance banter in between missions. Even though they’re divorced, they’re still close and have a hard time picturing themselves without the other. They’ll do anything for each other and for SHIELD. That’s why we first see them in an INTERPOL safe room in Moscow after the mission ended. Something went wrong, but they aren’t talking. Bobbi does say she’d like a cheeseburger, though.

They got to this point when they followed Malick (Powers Boothe) and Russian official Petrov (Ravil Isyanov) to a SHIELD Parting Shot Asecret base in Siberia, where an Inhuman is being kept there. Malick claims he wants to set up a sanctuary state for Inhumans, but he’s got other plans.

There’s also some tension within the crew. May is still upset about Lance not doing enough to protect Andrew Garner in that ambush by HYDRA that wound up exposing him as Lash. At least he admits he’s sorry about that. It’s also a hint that the Inhumans issue may cause even more conflict.

The SHIELD crew is surprised to see some Russian Cabinet ministers coming, and eventually Prime Minister Olshenko (Endre Hules). They also learn Defense Minister General Androvich (Kristof Konrad) is an Inhuman who has the ability to produce a shadow that can kill. Is this a coup attempt? Coulson thinks so, especially when Lance and May find the PM’s attache’s body. Not only that, the shadow is impossible to stop. So, Bobbi makes a tough call. She has to kill Androvich to get rid of the shadow monster. However, two other officials died, too. That’s where we head back to the INTERPOL office.

SHIELD Parting Shot CAt this point, another hard choice or two will have to be made. Lance and Bobbi have been able to hide the fact they work for SHIELD, although the INTERPOL interrogator suspects otherwise. Behind the scenes, Olshenko, Coulson and President Ellis (William Sadler) are wondering what to do. It’s pretty apparent Inhumans are being seen as weapons more than people, and the PM and President look at this as an arms race. All they know is, someone has to pay for this, or US-Russian relations will get a whole lot worse. If it’s revealed some Inhumans are in SHIELD, that’ll be even worse.

It looks like Lance and Bobbi will have to take the fall. That is, until Coulson’s magic hand sets up interference so they can get away, and they’ll be assigned with new identities. Nice escape plan….but Lance and Bobbi say they’ll take the fall to protect SHIELD. The other agents aren’t happy about this, Coulson especially.

The next scene, set in New York, does give the crew a chance to say goodbye. Lance and Bobbi discuss where to go next, and they suddenly get free drinks sent to them. It’s from their fellow agents, and they have a chance for one last toast with their friends. It’s a fine sendoff, and something that caused a lot of viewers to shed a few tears.

The final scene reveals something interesting about Malick:  he has a daughter named Stephanie (Bethany Joy Lenz), but her role within HYDRA is unknown. At least she’s eager to meet Ward/HIVE, because she thinks he will change the world. He just might, but will she and her father be part of it? SHIELD Parting Shot D

While it’s the end for Lance and Bobbi on the show, it doesn’t mean they won’t be seen again. TV Line and Entertainment Weekly have interviews with Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood about their exit, and maybe a hint or two about the spinoff, Most Wanted

The sadness of losing two agents will be short-lived, as they have to deal with a group that doesn’t like Inhumans. How that is done, especially by Daisy and Lincoln, might cause problems within the crew.

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