“Taken” was, arguably, one of the best episodes of Arrow’s fourth season. Both “Broken Hearts” and “Beacon of Hope” recycled former Arrow and Flash villains in order to keep the season moving forward with the changes in the status quo.

*** Spoilers Follow***

Arrow-416-5-600x401With the “B” plot lines using Cupid last week and then Brie Larvan (Queen Bee) this week, it has been difficult to be as excited to get back into Arrow after its spring hiatus.  So far, we are being forced to be reminded that Oliver and Felicity are no longer together, while watching Darhk be conditioned in his new life behind jail (for as long as that lasts) while HIVE has seemed to replace Darhk with now criminal again, Malcolm Merlin.  emily-kinney-arrow-beacon-of-hope-01-600x350-e1458786195123

In “Broken Hearts” the actual plot centered on Darhk’s arraignment, while Cupid killing couples in love, targeting rich, well connected couples forcing a no longer engaged Felicity and Oliver to fake a wedding to draw her out to stop her.  I never thought I would enjoy watching Laurel fight to keep Darhk behind bars more than watching Team Arrow fight a villain, but it most certainly happened.

Another status quo change is Quintin being put on suspension for his aiding Darhk.  He stepped up and told it how it was on the stand in order to keep Darhk behind bars awaiting trial, but in doing that, removing himself from the force.  One last notable status change is that Felicity decides that it’s too difficult to see Oliver every night and not be together with him.  She decides to leave Team Arrow at the end of “Broken Hearts” which we all know will not last.  Interestingly enough, my hope was that there would be more Felicity/Curtis time, and instead in la-team-accueille-un-nouveau-membre“Beacon of Hope” Curtis steps into Felicity’s role at the Bunker for Team Arrow, while Felicity, her Mom and Thea are captured by Brie Larvan.  As “B” episode as this week was, it was superior in that Curtis became part of Team Arrow.  Secondly, “Beacon of Hope” dealt with Oliver and Felicity separately being just that, Oliver within himself and Team Arrow and Felicity with leading Palmer Tech.

One of the best parts of this week’s episode was Oliver admitting feeling lost again after finding happiness with Felicity in between seasons and after being convinced that they could together live the double lives of super heroes and public officials.  He had a breakthrough while talking with Laurel about forgiving himself and giving himself a break.  Felicity, likewise had a heart felt conversation with Thea about her identity without being part of the team.  Interesting enough, it was Felicity who was working with the team behind Green Arrow LaurelOliver’s back after they “walked away.”  There is no way that she is out of the game for long, but it was nice to see her look at the possibilities on what Palmer Tech could do for humanity.  Felicity has always been the bright light of compassion that had infected Oliver Queen some time ago.  This episode is important to see Ollie be reminded that he can continue to be HOPE to the people of Star City, and while being that beacon to others, be blessed within, as well.

We all know that someone close to Oliver and Barry dies this year.  I know it is a far stretch to date, but I can’t help but believe Curtis’ husband will not be living beyond this season, and that will be part of his drive in becoming Mr. Terrific.  I could be wrong, but it was something Ollie references when Curtis begins within Team Arrow.  He says that being part of the team is very serious and part of being part of Team Arrow is having pain.  Curtis doesn’t have any pain to date, but I believe we will see it before season 5 begins.

Speaking of, the preview for next week suggests that someone dies. How real do you think that is?  Remember to catch Arrow Wednesday nights at 8pm/7central on the CW.

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