This week on Once Upon A Time viewers learn that sometimes the best love matches can come from two villains!  Hades and Zelena meet in Oz and sparks are flying almost immediately.  This leads to present day and Zelena being brought down to the Underworld, with her baby and Belle in tow.  Whose side is Zelena on and what happened between her and Hades?


Did anyone really think Zelena was gone for good? Not me! But, Rebecca Mader plays Zelena’s character excellently and I’m always glad to see her back on the screen.  In a flashback, we see Zelena sticking to her typical bitter ways and trying to conquer time travel to go back and change things in her life, and probably to screw with Regina’s while she’s at it.  Bitter, much? Anyways, Hades shows up saying he wants to time travel as well so he can defeat his brother Zeus.  It turns out Hades is pretty bitter about being stuck in the Underworld while big brother Zeus is ruling on Mt. Olympus.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Season-5-Episode-16-Recap-and-Review-Our-DecayAs we found out in the last episode, Hades has some leverage on Gold now, since he holds the contract to his second born child. Hades is having Gold magic him a portal to Storybrooke so he can bring down Zelena’s baby.  Gotta be honest, for a second I had no idea where this was going.  I thought maybe the baby wasn’t really Robin’s or something and it was actually Hades; all sorts of crazy ideas.  The truth comes out later, but in the meantime Gold magics the portal and, at the same time, Zelena is fighting with Belle trying to take the baby, so they all get sucked down to the Underworld.

Zelena’s magic is acting wonky and not working now that she’s in the Underworld, so Belle takes off with the baby, as Zelena nurses a sprained ankle.  Meanwhile, Henry is still trying to sort out his newly realized author powers and is feeling the pressure to find a way to get them out of the Underworld.  Zelena heads over to where the heroes are staying and tells Robin that their baby is in danger, as she believes that Hades wants their baby to use for his time travel spell.

post-515-0-41709200-1459664033Regina, Robin and Zelena head off to find the baby and eventually come across Belle and the family is reunited.  Speaking of family, I loved Regina’s speech in this episode about how her “enemies became her family” and that’s when she finally was happy. I love how much her relationship with the Charmings has progressed.  I could go on about this for awhile, but I’ll spare you!

jgfklsfgdgdgdZelena tries to run off with the baby, which I’m sure comes as a surprise to, literally, no one.  However, she comes to her senses and does the right thing for once and decides to protect the baby the best she can by giving her back to Regina and Robin since her powers are MIA at the moment.  Shortly after, Zelena runs into Hades who says that he believes that they are each others true loves and he doesn’t want to use her daughter at all.  He wanted the baby so that Zelena would follow after her and they could be reunited.

Zelena isn’t quite ready to trust him yet, but it looks like a “Zades” romance is in the cards for those two.  The heroes may be in for some trouble if those two villains team up against them.

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