TV Campfire Podcast #296

We talk Fear the Walking Dead[5;53], Supergirl[13;33], Lucifer[16;50], Better Call Saul[20;19], Blindspot[23;55], Agents of SHIELD[27;21], iZombie[31;50], The Magicians[34;11], Hunters[38;16], The Americans[39;42], Game of Silence[42;22], The Blacklist[45;52], &  Orphan Black[49;17]

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Post Author: Libya El-Amin

Site editor, staff writer, reviewer, interviewer and all around TV watcher. Host of TV Campfire Podcast where we talk about all the TV shows I manage to watch each week. Sometimes the number of shows is staggering which means I have some sort of addiction. I also edit for television in real life.

3 thoughts on “TV Campfire Podcast #296

    Jason Herl

    (2016-04-19 - 3:08 pm)


    I have recently found your podcast and very much appreciate the TV show news at the top of each episode. Your episode commentary is helpful for a kind of recap but overall, not exceptionally deep, which i assume is your intention.

    For this episode, 2 items… (no spoilers)

    Game of Silence appears with a few changes to be the movie sleepers

    While i also like Lucifer for what it is, the majority of the fans of the books dislike the show with disgust.
    1 It does start in an LA bar but almost immediately moves on to a cosmic scope.
    2 The devil is completely melancholy (as apposed to impish as in the show) in the books. In fact its one of its major points.
    3 Most likely the cop character in the show is a young child and the character being a child is extremely important.
    4 etc
    …They find the series….. hellish.

    (2017-01-21 - 1:09 am)

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    (2017-01-25 - 11:00 am)

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