The Time Masters continue in their goal of removing the Legends from history entirely.  Last week, the hunters failed, so the Captain Hunter’s former agency takes the next step in their protocols.  It is our team going against the Time Master’s Pilgrim.

**** Spoilers Follow ****

DC LoT 1.12 LR Team C1It’s interesting that when  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stop focusing on attempting to stop Vandal Savage, the stories become better.  Last week was arguably one of the strongest episodes, obviously set up intentionally to have Jonah Hex be a character we would want to watch again. This week is similarly excellent, being very consistent with story and showing us some of the best cinematography to date.

Most importantly, this one hour seemed to capture the fullness of a story in what has to date taken at least two, sometimes three, episodes.  This week we were introduced to not only the Pilgrim, but more importantly to Mary Xavier, who I will get to in a bit.  We knew that the Legends were going up against another of the Time Master’s protocols attempting to stop Rip and them from altering the future.  This time though, the Time Masters appear to break their own rules in order to further their own agenda.  The Pilgrim was to assassinate each Legend, and in some cases hurt and kill innocent bystanders along the way, such as the Starling City Police Department in the attempted assassination of Sara.  Furthermore, the Time Masters DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Last Refuge"-- Image LGN112a_0429b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and Celia Imrie as Mary Xavier -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.kidnap loved ones of our team, so that they would surrender their younger selves.

I told you we would get back to Mary Xavier. Who is she?  She is the den mother of several orphaned children who are being groomed to be future time masters, and one of those orphans is Rip Hunter.  It was amazing to see someone whom he cared for so much, and one who has so much sway over him.  She is also the perfect person to protect the Legends younger selves after the team kidnaps themselves in order to keep themselves from being killed, yes it was that kind of episode, but it was done so well, I went back to re-watch this episode for the quality of the show. Only last week and “Star City 2046” have earned that.  Watching Mary with Rip gave me a hope in the character I had been losing for a few episodes.  It is strange to me when I begin rooting for Mick Rory over Rip Hunter and, certainly, Snart.

DC LoT 1.12 LR Team 2This week something else happened, the Time Masters actually accomplished what Rip Hunter hadn’t to date. They made our Legends at team. Never before has there been this level of comradery and collaboration. In fact, you could argue the unity was flawless as this week.  They operated as a unit, saving their younger selves, then defeating the Pilgrim and rescuing their loved ones.  As a side note, this week was filled with gems of seeing a younger Mick Rory try to make out with a younger Sara Lance.  Even better though was watching Jax interact with his Dad for the first time in his life.

If there is one complaint, about what was represented this last episode, it is that it has taken this long with only four episodes left for this version of who we know as the Legends of Tomorrow.  My hope was that it would not have taken this long to get its traction, and I am expecting a most excellent rest of this season.  Which even that will be put to the test this coming week as our team travels to their future, Vandal Savage’s present.  Let’s hope the momentum DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has begun continues.

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