AMC TV logoWhile fans of Agents of SHIELD have to wait until next fall to see what Daisy and Radcliffe will do next, alumni from the show and the movies are making their mark on AMC, the network of Mad Men and The Walking Dead.

Last weekend, Dominic Cooper, who portrayed Howard Stark on Agent Carter, starred in Preacher, based on the Vertigo/DC comic book. You might say  it’s a unique battle between good and evil in a small town in Texas. Cooper plays Jesse Cutler, who returns to his small town to take over as preacher for the local church in Annville, Texas. He’s not very good at saving souls, because his soul could use saving. He’s had a scandalous past, which included a deadly ex-girlfriend named Tulip played by Ruth Negga (Raina on Agents of SHIELD). When he decides he should leave, a mysterious force absorbs him which makes him more compelling and gives him new purpose. This force tried to absorb two other preachers, but wound up making them explode. Custer, however, can handle it pretty well. That gets the attention of two mysterious men.

He also has to deal with a guy named Cassidy, who is a vampire or maybe even worse. We first meet him as a Preacher Dominic Cooperbartender in an airplane, who suddenly decides to kill everyone on board then jump out like Mary Poppins. He’s not in good shape then he lands, but snacking on a cow helps.

The pilot was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and it’s about as insane as you’d expect. Cooper is great as Custer, a man trying to follow in his dad’s footsteps but winds up following a more dangerous path. Negga is also amazing as Tulip. Forget about her work on SHIELD. She plays Tulip as one lively and dangerous gal. Her introduction, where she’s trying to get a map from the back seat of a moving car while Carly Simon is playing, is pretty wild. Joseph Gilgun is also pretty scary as Cassidy.

Oh, and the show does include Arseface (Ian Colletti), who’s a pretty pleasant guy aside from his unique facial look.

The pilot episode of Preacher will air again over the Memorial Day weekend, while the second episode will air Sunday, June 5th at 9pm.

Meanwhile, AMC just wrapped up The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. In case you weren’t already aware, this show proves that Hiddleston is a lot more than just Loki. He plays Jonathan Pine, a hotel night manager and former soldier who gets involved with efforts to expose Richard Roper, a prominent businessman and humanitarian who actually deals in illegal weapons sales. Laurie as “Dickie” Roper, the cold and calculating businessman, is truly chilling. Seeing him Night Managerdemonstrate weapons with glee to buyers as if it was the new iPad is something to see. Hiddleston is also great as Pine, who tries to keep his soul while trying to bring Roper down. However, he does make some hard decisions to protect himself and Roper’s girlfriend. It’s no wonder some people think Hiddleston may trade his scepter for a martini that’s shaken not stirred (yes, we mean being the next James Bond).

Still, others say the real star is Olivia Colman as Angela Burr, the spymaster who sends Pine on his mission. She’s able to bring down a very bad guy while very pregnant. Marge Gunderson has nothing on Burr, but would applaud her tenacity.

All episodes of The Night Manager are available On Demand and on AMC’s web page.

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