When Audrey was revealed to be the accomplice last season I was shocked. I really liked her and she was definitely deserving of being in the Lakewood six. Now I’m seeing Audrey in a whole new light. I’m not sure she actually murdered anyone. She may have had Piper do all the dirty work. This makes her character even more interesting. It’s the ultimate get back at all the kids at school that made fun of you. Of course, now she’s friends with all of them.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Brook Episode 202I feel the worst for Noah. They are besties and when Noah finds out Audrey is the accomplice, he’s going to be devastated. He already said he’s not going to like his big reveal and he really doesn’t know how much he’s not going to like it. I am excited to watch him unfold the mystery, though. No one even knows that Jake is dead yet, that will put a bigger twist into Noah’s investigation.

If Audrey hasn’t restarted the murders, who’s doing them this time? Are they taking out the Lakewood six? The note to Audrey on Jake did say he/she was finishing what she started. Does that make Jake number six? Who will be next?

My guess is there won’t be as many deaths this season and that’s okay. They can still keep us on the edge of our seats because we don’t want any of the Lakewood six to die, but clearly after Jake, none of them are safe. The question is how quickly will this new killer pick them off and who will be left?

Emma and Kieran Episode 202I like that this season doesn’t seem as revolved around Emma. Audrey definitely seems to be taking a bigger role with trying to cover up what she’s done and someone taunting her. It’s different having her being the prime target this season.

Noah is also taking a more of a front seat this season with his investigation and podcast. His podcast is great because it must mean we get many more great monologues from him. He really has the best lines and I want them to keep coming.

As for Emma, she’s still traumatized. I was liking how she was so fragile, but I don’t get how going to the dock and then having sex with your boyfriend is going to magically make that all go away. Right, it’s not. Emma may not know there’s another killer on the loose, but that still doesn’t mean she should be walking home alone at night. At least it was only her dad that was following her. For a minute I thought it was the new bad.

Audrey may not be starting back up the murder spree, but someone is and there has been a lot of new creepy characters introduced: the sheriff’s son, Kieran‘s cousin and aunt. As for the cop’s son, he may be too creepy for us to worry about because it seems too obvious. I don’t know what to think of Kieran’s family just yet.

Whoever is starting the murders back up, is torturing Brooke. Instead of just letting her know the truth, this person is acting like Jake is still alive, winning her back and then bailing on her again. All of this just after Brooke stood up to her dad about Jake. I really hate this new killer. He seems even more vindictive.

It’s going to be awful to see Brooke find out the truth, but it’s better than watching her go through this.

Do you think cop’s son is creepy? What do you think of Kieren’s family? Let me know in the comments below.

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